Bubbly for Me

I think I ate pretty well this weekend. And by ‘pretty well,’ I mean pretty tasty, and not necessarily the healthiest things ever – but I certainly could have done worse!

Friday after work I grabbed some discounted drinks and half-off apps at Carson’s for Happy Hour with some peeps from the office.

I selfishly kept this Voodoo Shrimp appetizer all to myself (mm!) and it was awesome. I more often drink beer or wine over cocktails, but one of the bubbly cocktails on Carson’s menu sounded particularly good (Ruby Slipper) so I ordered it. See the pretty pink drink with the cherry in it?


Later I met up with the huz for dinner and cocktails. I ordered a 6 oz. sirloin with veggies and a sweet potato with no butter/sugar.


This peachy Wallaby Darned was my second of three cocktails involving champagne over the course of the weekend. I was on a bubbly kick, I think!


Saturday for lunch I had a leftover scoop of Taco Stuffed Pepper Cups that I made earlier in the week, and a Flatoutza.


Saturday night I introduced Five Cent Femme to Jolly Pumpkin, where we had Truffle Fries. (zOMG they are just so good.) To drink, based upon my preferences (malty, non-sour dark beer), our server recommended that I try North Peak’s Furry Black IPA (not pictured). Probably not my very favorite beer style, but I thought it was a good beer.

Also, what is with the name “furry”? Not a fan of the name!


After we finished our fries, we were ready for a venue change, so we decided to hit up Bab’s Underground Lounge. I first visited Bab’s two weeks ago during Artini, and was intrigued and eager to check it out again. Five Cent Femme and I are both big fans! To drink, we both tried a champagne-based martini, which also contained blue curacao, among other spirits, and made for a lovely blue-hued cocktail.


Next we went to the Blind Pig for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Jam, where several local bands covered Beatles’ songs. Or so we thought that would be the case. The opening band, Back Forty, was fine and we arrived halfway through their 30 minute set. Next up was a band we have seen before at the Pig and are fans of – The Finer Things! The boys are puppydog-cute and put on a great show.


Next up, George Bedard and The Kingpins performed. I swear, on one of the flyers, the show advertised that each band would play 1-2 songs each. Once George Bedard and The Kingpins started playing their seventh song (mostly NON-Beatles songs I’d never heard), to be brutally honest, I was getting bored. I think they are talented musicians, and all, it just wasn’t my scene, and didn’t seem to be the right venue. Also the crowd at the show was rather… old. And annoying. I don’t know. I wasn’t digging the scene at that point. Maybe I’m a young whippersnapper who doesn’t appreciate good music but I was ready for this band to end.


We stayed for a couple more bands, and then it started to feel so warm and toasty in the pig, that we left in search of libations (water!) and sustenance at Fleetwood.


Fleetwood’s service is so MEH (read: usually it’s outright bad), so I don’t know why I started going back again this year. This 50-50 Patty Melt was just calling my name again, though, and I could.not.resist!


Sunday morning I had mac ‘n’ cheese on the brain and couldn’t resist the blue box blues. (Er, at least the knock-off version of the blue box).


Here’s what you may expect to see on the blog this week!:

Dinner Menu

NoteCurrently listening to: Spies – Coldplay.

7 thoughts on “Bubbly for Me

  1. I went to the Beatles thing too and was disappointed by the lack of Beatles songs! it was fun to see all the different bands – but like you, I expected more Beatles music.

    • Yeah! It really wasn’t totally what I had in mind… A couple of the bands dragged on, where I was expecting more of a variety show, showcasing solely Beatles music. Ahh well, it made for interesting people watching, if nothing else!

  2. I am bummed that I didn’t see you there. I like reading your blog and it would have been fun to meet you in person. Although I am vegan, I follow your recipes and think of ways to “veganize” the things you make. Thank you for your fun blog!

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