A Diamond Is Forever

This weekend was somewhat of a whirlwind!

On Saturday, after eating Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas for dinner, I went to The Bang! – the 100th Bang! in fact, themed Diamonds are Forever.


I had to capture a shot of my new yellow skinnies. These are baller, I must admit. My glasses were also another excellent shopping find this week!


A Diamond is Forever. I wore a sequined zebra print top, blinged-out hair bow, and giant gangster diamond stud earrings, for the theme.

The crowd was so weird this time. I felt there was a lot of room for improvement in theme interpretation. C’mon people, get your outfits together! There were too many skankalicious girls this time. Generally I go to the Pig to avoid these people, but I guess they unavoidable on Saturday nights in Ann Arbor. Ah, well, we got a good laugh, lookin’ down upon them, from me and Five Cent Femme’s usual dancing spot.




When The Bang! ended at 2, it suddenly became 3AM due to daylight savings. Yikes, no time for a Fleetwood run this night – my old self needed to get to bed. That may or may not have occurred post-Lean Pocket consumption.

Next month’s theme- Space Bang 101: Dance Odyssey! I love a good theme. Five Cent Femme and I have a few ideas up our sleeves.

And on that note, after having a little over 5 hours of sleep last night, I am off to bed to catch up! I LOVE the extra hours of daylight now!

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