Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pink Roses

How was your Monday? A little rough from the Daylight Savings time change? Some people get all bent out of shape because of the “loss” of one hour, but it doesn’t really bother me much. I love the extended daylight too much to care about it.

Admittedly, last night, Sunday evening, I did “hit a wall” and become quite fatigued, but that was mostly because I stayed out later than usual the night before. Before my “hitting the wall,” I felt fine during the day, and spent the afternoon at my cousin’s wife’s baby shower. Katie makes such a cute mama-to-be and we spent a lovely afternoon celebrating Baby B who is due in about six weeks. (It’s a girl!)

Lunch was provided, including green beans, rosemary redskins, and a breaded chicken filet with a sweet raspberry sauce, preceded by a garden salad. (And coffee. Lots of coffee!) The chicken was my fave – nice and crispy on the outside, and tender and hot inside.


For dessert, homemade cupcakes baked by my aunt and decorated by a family friend. Such talent – how beautiful is this cupcake? The lemon cream cheese frosting was amazing.


After dessert, the mama-to-be opened all of her gifts – lots of oohing and ahhing over adorbs PINK baby apparel. As a favor, we each got to take home a little vase filled with (live) pink roses. A hint of spring in my house!


Oh, and another favor: sugar cookies. Huz and I were raving over these.


In the evening, after my drive back to Ann Arbor, we had a quick and easy DiBella’s dinner. I tried DiBella’s Albacore Tuna Sub and loved it. It was HUGE – I could only eat half of a medium for dinner, and ate the rest for lunch on Monday.


Tornado Watch in many places in Michigan tonight – careful!

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pink Roses

  1. megan the pics are beautiful you did us proud putting that table setting on display! Thanks for your help @ the shower, and I am so glad you loved the meal and desserts! Denise 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the pics of Katie’s beautiful baby shower! I wish that i could have attended. It looks like a wonderful time. Love, Aunt Anne

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