Sabor Latino Review

You know that I am a fan of Martini Monday, but there is also a Margarita Monday in Ann Arbor, at Sabor Latino. Having recently purchased a Living Social deal, the huz and I went to Sabor Latino for dinner yesterday evening, for our first visit to the restaurant.


We both started with a $3 frozen margarita – mango for me, lime for the man. I think many people have a certain spirit type or two that they just cannot drink (in some cases for years!) after having a bad experience, and I wouldn’t doubt that for many it is tequila! I know it is for me. Tequila and Goldschläger. (Goldschläger is an especially cruel mistress. I swear I must be allergic. I’ll save you the details.)

I’ve basically been avoiding tequila in any form for the last five years (uh.. since my 21st birthday), but perhaps in the last year or so I have successfully consumed a mixed drink or two containing tequila. Monday night, I tackled a pretty straightforward tequila cocktail – the margarita. And wow, this baby was delish! It totally caught me off guard. About 2/3 of the way through I turned into a huge gigglestorm in Sabor Latino. This baby went straight to my head. Deceiving strong!


Sabor Latino served complimentary chips and salsa. The chips were especially crunchy, which I liked, while the salsa had a thick pureed texture, of which I was also a big fan. I actually prefer a thick pureed salsa to a chunky salsa – it’s easier to dip!


The huz and I both ordered the special dish of the day – a Fajita Salad with steak, avocado, romaine, grilled peppers and onions, green olives, pinto beans, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream, served within a crispy tortilla bowl, with a side of rice. This was really good, I was a fan. Black olives are not one of my favorites, so I especially loved the fact that green olives were included. The steak was abundant and tender for the most part. I would have liked more lettuce, but I did enjoy the abundance of other veggies, like the grilled peppers and onions, and avocado. This probably would have been fairly healthy if I didn’t become addicted to the crispy tortilla shell!


It wasn’t very busy on Monday night, but there were a few people at the bar enjoying the $3 margs, as well as a few other tables of diners.


All in all I really like Sabor Latino. They have a fairly large menu, with an abundance of variable choices. Much more variety, than say Tio’s. (I feel like Tio’s menu is six different combinations of the same mediocre thing.) Prickly Pear is still definitely my favorite Mexican restaurant in Ann Arbor, but Sabor Latino is also a good option, at least based on my first experience. I look forward to returning and trying other dishes.

There are quite a few different ongoing specials throughout the week, such as $1 Taco Tuesdays, Happy Hour drink specials daily,  and $0.50 cent tequila shots on Thursday (I would die, but it would be fun to observe someone else partaking in this. Haha.)

Sabor Latino on Urbanspoon


After dinner, we popped into Cupcake Station for dessert. Cherry-Nut Bump-a-licious for me, and PB&C for the dude. Mine was a solid cupcake, but the bright cherry red frosting hidden beneath the white chocolate shell was too sweet for my personal taste, but the cake was deliciously moist.

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