Tornado Dinner; Pizza Meatloaf + Leftovers Casserole

We have had several lovely warm sunny days this week. I saw my first robin of the spring. I went for my first run outdoors last evening. It’s been nice.


Before my evening run yesterday, I made a man-pleasing meal: Old World Pizza Meatloaf, using this recipe from Taste of Home.

First, mix egg and breadcrumbs as binding agents, and olives and mushrooms.


Also, chopped green pepper and mozzarella went into the loaf.


And, natch, pizza sauce! My favorite. A small plop for the loaf itself, and the remaining was used to top the loaf. Onion and onion soup mix were also added.


The above ingredients were mixed with ground beef, formed into a loaf, topped with pizza sauce, and baked for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, I sprinkled the loaf with parmesan cheese and then baked for a few extra minutes.


Pizza meatloaf!


It’s finally light and warm enough to take dinner photos outdoors again! Yippeee! This Pizza Meatloaf was wonderful! The huz and I both loved it and rated it a 9/10. Find the recipe at Taste of Home.


The next evening, tonight, looked much different outside. As I pulled into my driveway, coming home from work, I heard the tornado sirens sounding, persistently. The huz was on a work call and I dragged him to the basement with me after reading about a confirmed tornado siting in the area.

After pulling up the weather radar on my laptop in the basement, we learned that the severe portion of the storm was supposed to hit our area between 6:15 and 6:30, so I ran upstairs to the kitchen and made the Fastest Dinner of All Time. Well, I assembled it and got it into the oven at record speed, at least.

This is what I found in our backyard when I ran upstairs.P1070349_520

Tonight’s dinner was a meal using planned leftovers (planned-overs?) from last night, per Taste of Home’s suggestion. The recipe is called “Next Day Meatloaf Pie” and utilized our leftover Pizza Meatloaf.

Making this meal sort of made me feel like a soccer mom since it used lots of easy processed ingredients, but my goodness it was just SO easy! (Wow, I am so stereotypical! I am sure there are lots of soccer moms who cook homemade meals, so please don’t hate on me. Also, I’m not trying to imply that easy, shortcut meals are a bad thing!).


Yes, so here’s how it went down:

    • Literally run up the basement stairs to the kitchen. (Whoa my hip flexors are stiff from my short little run yesterday).
    • Sprint to the pantry to obtain ingredients, then dart back to kitchen.
    • Pour can of cream of mushroom soup and corn (frozen or canned) into a bowl.
    • With my bare hands, grab handfuls of cold, refrigerated meatloaf, crumble it, and stir into the corn mixture.
    • Pour meat/corn/soup mixture into baking dish.
    • Top with prepared instant potatoes (which I simultaneously prepared whilst darting around like a honey badger on crack)
    • Throw that B in the oven and haul a$$ back to the basement before the tornado sirens go off again.
    • Thirty-five minutes later, dinner is served! Enjoyed in the basement while watching 30 Rock episodes on Netflix on the laptop. Cheese and green onions were also added at some point.


Other than the giant river through our entire yard, piles of hail on our deck and driveway, temporarily flooded street, and water flooding into our basement (small controlled stream toward the drain in the non-finished portion, nothing major), our neighborhood went relatively unscathed during this storm. We were lucky, as I’ve read that the damage seems to be rather severe for our neighbors in Dexter. Thank goodness there are no reports of deaths or severe injuries at least.


And that’s the story of our Tornado Dinner.

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