Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice

Lots of spices! You know I love cooking with spices. It is one of the lowest-calorie options for adding a punch of flavor to a dish. These particular spices were for a Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice recipe I made this weekend.


This pinch bowl of spices was used to season a few boneless skinless chicken breast halves, which I started cooking by, (1) searing on the stovetop for 3-4 minutes on one side, flipped and then, (2) finished baking in the oven at 400 F for about 6 minutes. The method worked PERFECTLY! It produced some of the most tender, juiciest boneless skinless chicken breasts I’ve ever prepared.


The next step (or rather, concurrent step) in the Blackened Chicken and Dirty Rice recipe is to prepare the Dirty Rice! I did actually omit the traditional ingredient that makes Dirty Rice, well, dirty, and that is chicken livers! I just couldn’t do it. Liver reminds me of the stinky dish my grandma used to always order at The Greenery restaurant in Clio, Michigan, and I haven’t yet tackled adding them to my adult food repertoire. The rice sounded flavorful enough on it’s own, without the chicken livers.


Mmm, this was super delicious! As I mentioned, the recipe’s method for cooking chicken breast (start on the stovetop, finish in the oven) is fantastic. This will be my new go-to method for chicken preparation. I’m never a huge fan of chicken cooked on the stovetop, in a skillet. Mine always gets rubbery, and I just don’t like the texture. I often see recipes that call for chicken breast cut into bite-size pieces and cooked in a skillet. Since I don’t really like the texture of chicken prepared in that manner, I often will bake the chicken in the oven and then cut it into bite-size pieces for such recipes.

This new method is the best! It is fast, and produced tender, juicy bites of chicken. Check out the recipe for more specifics.


Blackened Chicken with Dirty Rice and a spinach and romaine salad.


This chicken and rice recipe is a winner! We rated the chicken a 9/10 and the rice an 8/10. Check out the recipe at Cooking Light.

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