Pan-Grilled Flank Steak with Soy-Mustard Sauce

Good evening nommers!

Are you a fan of flank steak? Until I recently made Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches at home with flank steak, I really had not ever cooked with it before. My Philly Cheesesteaks turned out so delicious, that I made them twice in a week, and this week, decided to try using flank steak in another recipe that I found in the current issue of Cooking Light, for:

Pan-Grilled Flank Steak with Soy-Mustard Sauce Menu

My first problem is that I do not own a grill pan; however, I instead used my heavy French Oven to sear and cook the flank steak for the recipe, after liberally seasoning with salt and pepper.


While the steak cooked, I prepared the Soy-Mustard Sauce, which utilized this grainy Dijon mustard from Trader Joe’s, along with soy sauce, sugar, cream, and cilantro. This sauce is incredible!


This was a high-maintenance, but quick-cooking – dinner! I used all four burners until I realized that, oh yeah, one of my burners doesn’t work! So I did some creative burner swapping while cooking.


Here is that pretty seared, thinly sliced flank steak with soy-mustard sauce. Cooking the flank steak in my French Oven was a bit tricky, and it wasn’t quite cooking evenly (mostly because of the way the meat was butchered though). I prefer the cooking method used in the Philly Cheesesteak recipe, where the flank steak is sliced while raw, and then sautéed, rather than this method which involves cooking, resting, and then slicing last. However, the steak tasted really good, especially with the amazing soy-mustard sauce on top.

On the side, I served:



Lovin’ that summer light! Pan-Grilled Flank Steak with Soy Mustard Sauce recipe from Cooking Light.

My rating: 7.2/10

Today was a frustrating day for multiple reasons. One of them being that my stash of Ghiradelli squares was depleted at work when I needed them most! Thank goodness I still have half a bag of these babies left at home, for restocking my desk.


After dinner we went for a long walk which also improved my mood.


The inspiration for my text topic is courtesy of Tina of Carrots ‘n’ Cake who wrote about the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is a personality assessment. I love personality tests and this one particular one has had good street cred a widespread, long-standing usage. My college degree is from the psychology department at U-M, and I’ve taken courses on personality psychology, though my degree tended to focus more on biological and cognitive psychology rather than social psychology.

I have actually taken this assessment before in a course, and decided to take it again tonight, and I believe my traits remained consistent over time, as expected. Tina of CNC has a link posted to the PDF of the MBTI assessment, if you are interested in taking the personality test yourself! I also found a more rudimentary (probably less accurate, non-validated) version of the assessment online which is a little easier to take online, and gives one a similar result.

Basically the assessment measures individuals’ personalities in four different domains:

  • Extraversion (E) – (I) Introversion
  • Sensing (S) – (N) Intuition
  • Thinking (T) – (F) Feeling
  • Judging (J) – (P) Perception

According to the assessment, I am:

  • I,S,F,J – Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging.

I think this is an extremely accurate description of me! According to Meyer-Briggs, I am:

Conscientious, trustworthy, and cooperative. Loyal, dependable, and self-disciplined. Strong wok ethic, completes tasks on time. Excellent memory for details. Quietly friendly, thoughtful, and reserved, Often works behind the scenes helping others. Modest and unassuming. Warm, tactful, and gentle.

Here’s another ISFJ description, from Keirsey [source]:

According to Keirsey, ISFJs, or "Protector Guardians", are most concerned with taking care of people by keeping them safe and secure. They are modest caretakers who do not demand credit or thanks for their efforts. But while they are essentially compassionate—and in fact exercise more patience in dealing with people with disabilities than perhaps any other type—their shyness with strangers can lead others to misread them as standoffish. Only among friends and family may this quiet type feel comfortable speaking freely. ISFJs are serious people with a strong work ethic, not inclined to self-indulgence. They believe in being meticulous and thrifty. They work well alone. While they may enjoy taking care of others, they do not enjoy giving orders.

What type are you? I’d love to hear; here’s a link to the test PDF, and here’s a link to the website with a faster version if you don’t have a notepad handy. Oh, and thanks again Tina for this topic inspiration!

5 thoughts on “Pan-Grilled Flank Steak with Soy-Mustard Sauce

  1. I am an ESFJ for sure. I am borderline E (mostly due to my job) but otherwise, everything else is right now. I find other people’s results pretty fascinating as well 🙂

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