Blue Tractor Expansion & Groove

This weekend I had the pleasure of dining in Blue Tractor’s newly acquired space, which now doubles the restaurant size, in downtown Ann Arbor. The restaurant expansion has been beautifully renovated and complements the adjacent, original dining area and bar. The new space is adorned in a warm, rustic brown shades, with walls covered in reclaimed wood, alit by industrial-style lighting, which all surround the a new pig graphic upon the wall.


The menu also has a few new additions and omissions, including a few new items I am eager to try – such as the Bulgogi Burger. Blue Tractor isn’t my favorite local brewery in terms of beer selection, but the Punky’s Monkee Belgian Rye that we drank was pretty drinkable.

I ordered the special of the day: Smoked Shrimp Tacos. These were INCREDIBLE! Definitely the best thing I’ve ever eaten at Blue Tractor! The giant bites of shrimp were perfectly cooked and swoon-worthy. The crema atop the tacos crunchy cabbage slaw completely made the dish, which was encased in a tasty corn tortillas, with a crisp lime finish. Amazing! (Sadly, the beans and rice were subpar.) I have been craving these Smoked Shrimp Tacos all weekend.


My dining companion requested his meal be blogged – the Carnivore Burger for the manly huz – a beef patty topped in pulled pork, bacon, smoked cheddar, and fried jalapeño chips. I just noticed how delicious that bun looks. Mmm. Well, yeah, and the bacon, obvi. That goes without saying.


For dessert: Iorio’s Gelateria, of course! Some incredible flavors were in stock, including the never-before-seen (by me) Key Lime Pie!


After gelato, we walked to the Michigan Theater.


I look rough in this picture. Yikes. ‘Twas a long week, kids.


We had tickets to see Groove perform, and snagged front row seats, just like last time we went to the Michigan Theater.


Groove describes their ensemble as:

“…a group of energetic musicians and artists drawn together for one reason… to have fun rocking the masses! This entertainment group performs using traditional and non-traditional instruments to blend comedy, energy, personality and choreography into performances on stage and on the street. From propane tank hang drums to tubular xylophones, the instruments are the most creative in town…”

[ source ]

The theme of the evening’s performance was “Scrap Metal Symphony.” The show was really enjoyable, but the intense percussion took a toll on my tender ears after a couple hours! A bunch of very talented kids.


I am now referring to college students as “kids.” I am officially old.

NoteCurrently listening to: We Can Make The World Stop – The Glitch Mob.

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