Bacon & Broccoli Mac and Cheese

What’s better than homemade mac ‘n’ cheese?


Not much, my friends. Not. Much. Pure indulgence.

Here’s a version that it would actually be okay to eat frequently.


By replacing part of the pasta volume with broccoli, the overall calorie density of the dish is decreased. (Plus you get the added bonus of all that green veggie nutrition.)


But, to even everything out, it’s best to add just a few crumbles of bacon as well!


I love one dish meals, like this Bacon & Broccoli Mac and Cheese, from Cooking Light. This was fabulous, flavorful, and fairly healthy comfort food at 413 calories per serving [source]. I would make this one again!


The homemade cheese sauce was created by making a roux (THIS kind, not this kind!), stirring in milk and allowing it to thicken, and then adding modest quantities of American and cheddar cheese. I employed a heavy hand when applying the black pepper, because I love a peppery cream sauce. Mac and cheese is my faveee!

My rating: 8.4/10

Recipe from Cooking Light.

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