Knight’s Steakhouse Review

Knight’s is an Ann Arbor steakhouse institution, and it took me 7.5 years of living here to try it out. To celebrate the huz’s first week in his new position at work, we went out for a nice dinner for his favorite: steak. (Well, meat of any kind is his favorite, let’s be honest.)


Appetizer of the huz’s choice: nachos with ground beef. These were good – huge plate, and this was a half order.


Entrées come with soup or a salad, and we both had clam chowder. Since it was a “celebration,” as the huz kept proclaiming, this was a diet splurge.


I ordered one of the specials of the day: Crab-Stuffed Sole, served with rice pilaf and asparagus. This was extremely delicious! The crab stuffing was soft, creamy, and sweet – so tasty. The rice pilaf was actually really impressive too, I loved it.


The huz ordered a steak, of course – the Delmonico. He said it was really good, and that in the world of steaks, he’d rate it about an 8.5 out of 10. It was cooked quite rare, and about halfway through, we noticed the little pink stick in the steak read “medium rare,” when in fact he had ordered it “medium.” So that explains it. When our server took our order, he didn’t write it down, just memorized it (which drives me crazy! just write it down!), so he probably remembered incorrectly. This didn’t seem to bother the huz though, as he basically ate this whole 12 ounce slab of meat.


Knight’s was good. I was very impressed with the taste and quality of my seafood entrée and side. The clam chowder was also delicious. The nachos were just alright, but the bites of the mashed potatoes I had were pretty under-seasoned and plain-jane, with gravy from a jar. We dined at around 8:45 PM on a Friday evening, and the place was nearly packed to the BRIM!

Our service was good but could have been more attentive, especially for the high prices we were paying. Our water glasses went empty a couple times, for instance. Also our order was slightly incorrect, (either due to the server, or the kitchen staff reading the ticket incorrectly), with regard to the doneness of the huz’ steak. Knight’s beef is, according to the menu, “fresh-cut daily at Knight’s market,’” and huz seemed pleased with his steak, despite it being a bit on the fatty side and not cooked to the proper doneness. With that said, the bite I had was of a delicious, rich flavor, and I thought it was really good.

Overall I give Knight’s a good, but not glowing, review. It made for a fun celebratory meal for the huz.

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We were COMPLETELY stuffed after this meal (well at least I was!). We had a few leftovers to bring home, where dessert was waiting, from the Easter Bunny (aka, my mom)!


3 thoughts on “Knight’s Steakhouse Review

  1. That 12 ounce steak looks really good! I love ordering steak when i go out but can never finish it. Oh and servers not writing down my food order always makes me nervous…I’ve got lots of sensitivities to different foods and am always wondering if they will remember it! Do they have something to prove by not jotting it down or something?

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