Chili-Cheese Mac

Tried a new recipe from the April 2012 issue Cooking Light this week. Yet another recipe I can move from my Pinterest Recipes To Try board to the Recipes I Have Tried board!

I love how easily this came to together. Ground beef + spices:


In a separate sauce pan, make a cheese sauce out of cream cheese, milk, and cheddar (reduced-fat versions of both cheeses).


Make that beefy, tomato-y, noodley mixture cheesy.




My customization: add a green veg.


Dinner is served! My primary complaint was the amount of liquid (too much!), so I highly recommend omitting the water if you try this recipe. It was more of a soup-like consistency than the thick casserole-like consistency that I expected. The flavors were good, but a little lost with all the liquid!


We’d rate this dish a 7 out of 10. Find the Chili-Cheese Mac recipe at Cooking Light.


Motivation to Run

My motivation to run this spring has been highly lacking. I got into it for a couple weeks when it finally became warm enough to get outside again. I worked up to a 3 mile run, which left me feeling, well, rough for several hours afterward, and put me off running for a while. Tonight I tried another run for the first time in about a week and a half, and it was painful! I’ve been having stomach pain the last couple days and it became very unpleasant during tonight’s run. I don’t know what my deal is. I’ve been enjoying doing my fitness videos (Jillian!), and working on the stationary bike in front of the tv more so than running, even though I long to get out in the sunshine. I’m tryin’…

My primary motivator for running is to think about how great I will feel after my run (since I pretty much hate it the whole time I am doing it – let’s be honest!), but this year I haven’t been experiencing that ‘great’ feeling post-run – instead I’ve been feeling kind of gross and sickly. I think maybe I’m trying to do too much cardio too quickly after a winter of indoor exercise consisting of mostly workout videos.

I gotta work at it. I have to admit that I somewhat agree with Mama Pea’s stance on the issue of running. I do kind of hate it. I’ll admit it. The only part I love is the post-run feeling of accomplishment.

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