Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings

Pinterest has become a huge recipe resource for me lately! This weekend I cooked yet another recipe that I found on Pinterest, for Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings. The recipe itself is actually from a Better Homes & Gardens website, and you can find it here.

Sunday afternoon I placed all the goodies in my slow cooker and let ‘em go on high for a few hours. Thirty minutes before we wanted to eat, the huz removed the deskinned chicken thighs from the crock pot and shredded the chicken into bite-size pieces, before placing the chicken back into the broth and veggie mixture.


I then added a flour and milk emulsion to the crock, and prepared the cornmeal dumpling batter. Dollops of batter were spooned atop the crock pot mixture, before covering the dish, and letting it cook for about 25 more minutes on high, allowing the dumplings to cook through, and for the liquid to thicken a bit.


Dinner time! I absolutely loved this healthy, filling, and comforting dinner, and the huz also enjoyed it. He also mentioned that it was lacking in the spice department, and I agree. Next time I make this, in additional to the rosemary required by the recipe, I will also add in a bay leaf or two, and perhaps some thyme. I’d also recommend using an adequate level of salt in the dumplings – it is a make or break ingredient in the simple batter recipe.


Good for the soul. I doubled the recipe and this made dinner for two hungry adults.


Nom nom.

My rating: 8/10

Recipe from HERE

Nutrition Facts [ source ]:

    • Servings Per Recipe: 2 [I doubled the recipe]
    • Calories: 369
    • Protein: 24 g
    • Carbohydrate): 47 g
    • Fat: 10g

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