Musings on Two Easy Dinners

Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Butternut Squash

Finding this recipe for roast chicken with potatoes and butternut squash from Cooking Light was the inspiration for this super-easy weeknight dinner. To save a little cooking time, and to reduce the quantity, I instead used two chicken breasts instead of roasting a whole chicken, for two. Seasonings were kept simple – butter, garlic, sage, salt, pepper.

I love roasting…well, everything! I served a spinach and romaine salad with dinner, too.P1070665

Another random, fast dinner. This was somewhat of a tasting plate, what, with the odd combination of items.

    • We are SO diggin’ Gardein’s Beefless Burgers around here! After recovering from my initial skepticism last week, I’ve grown to love these babies, and plan to buy more for next week. They are really tasty, filling, and satisfying. With the Beefless Burger, for a little variety we each also had a vegetarian Morningstar corn dog. (I try to plan at least one or two vegetarian dinners each week, like this one, and I usually eat meatless meals for lunch 90% of the time. [..and have the debatably “bad” habit of not eating breakfast…doh]).
    • The only substantial cooking that occurred in this meal was that I made another batch of Quinoa with Dried Cherries and Pistachios – a dish that generated a bit of buzz on the interwebz last time I made it. This time I left out the fresh mint because I was too lazy/cheap to buy mint and instead used only parsley, but I definitely missed the mint.


I love a plate with lots of variety.

Oh, and don’t worry… condiments joined the party after photography time. Ketchup for the burga + honey mustard for the corn dog = ballin’!

The last few days have been so boring! It’s not so much a lack of things to do, it’s just an abundance of boring things I don’t want to do, mostly at work. Gah! SO ready for this weekend. My brain is mush.

COMING SOON: We have several plans to use Groupons and other deals this weekend. I have an upcoming new-to-us restaurant review planned based on this evening’s dinner, along with a food-related event we are attending tomorrow that I will blog, aaaaand a new-to-us Sunday brunch – all coming soon to MGNN.

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