May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

To celebrate, on Friday (technically Cuatro de Mayo), we went to dinner at Sabor Latino. Like last time, we again ordered a pair of frozen margaritas during Happy Hour, enjoyed with chips – special multi-colored ones today, for the holiday! – and salsa.


Chiles Rellenos are one of my favorite dishes to order at Mexican restaurants so I decided to try Sabor Latino’s. Diners may choose from a variety of meats or grilled vegetables as the filling for the poblanos. I requested pinto beans – request granted! I love me some beans.

This plate doesn’t look too pretty but it was quite yummy! Battered and fried poblano peppers stuffed with pinto beans, with a side of (more!) beans and rice, with lettuce, tomato, and guacamole. Warm flour tortillas were also served on the side. I could only eat about half of this plate before I was stuffed.


Being the carnivore he is, the huz ordered the Argentine Churrasco Steak, topped with chimichurri salsa, and served with sides of potatoes, rice, and green beans. He enjoyed this!


Cupcake Station for dessert! I took a hiatus from my gelato obsession. Cupcake Station will always hold a place in my heart.


Chocolate Lovers for me! Fantastic, as always.


PB&C for the huz, and two to-go for the weekend.


In honor of Star Wars Day, I wore my new Darth Vader ring, gifted to me by the huz. May the Fourth be with you.P1070768

We enjoyed our cupcakes at a little table on the sidewalk in front of Cupcake Station, where we had a view of Bongz & Thongz across the street. Haha.P1070770

May the Fourth Be With You and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We are firing up the grill tonight.

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