Super Bang!

As has become tradition, this Saturday evening I ordered Chinese take-out for dinner, before The Bang!

This time we tried a new-to-us restaurant called San Fu in Ann Arbor. I was delighted by the option of several “healthy choice” entrée options on the menu. From this section of the menu, I ordered the Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetables, served with a side of no-oil sauce of my choice: General Tso’s! I also had a small order of Hot & Sour Soup, rice that came with my entrée, and one crab rangoon. I could only eat about half of this, partially because I had eaten a giant lunch of leftover Raja Rana earlier in the day.

I totally loved this though! So often after eating Chinese take-out, I am left feeling overly stuffed, heavy, and sluggish, with a churning stomach. This entrée, which was free of greasy batter and heavy oil, left me feeling pleasantly satisfied, not overstuffed, and guilt-free. What a great option this is! By the way, the no-oil General Tso’s sauce was just as tasty as regular sauce, to me.P1070827San Fu Oriental Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Next on the agenda, The Super Bang!, at the pig.




Five Cent Femme joined me, dressed as Sailor Mars.




I dressed as Hit Girl (from the movie Kick Ass).


I tried snapping a pic of the crowd, and this chick jumped in front of my camera. Gah!


Ahh, here we go. Clear view.


Another Sailor Moon character, we have here.


Next month’s theme is another Physical Bang!

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