A Bridal Shower

It’s amazing how quickly weekends fly by. It seems like I just got out of work for the weekend and now it’s already Sunday evening! I spent most of the weekend in my hometown, co-hosting a bridal shower and attending a bachelorette party for a BFF of mine.

We rented a township hall in the city where I grew up – good ol’ Flushing. Myself and two other bridesmaids set up in the hall Saturday morning. The mother of the bride-to-be was also instrumental in Saturday morning’s preparations. The wedding colors are key lime and watermelon, so we tried to stick to that theme in our décor. My wedding colors were also pink and green, but slightly different shades! Here was our head table, which seated the bride and four bridesmaids:


Most of our guest tables were covered in lacy white table covers, with color-themed paper products.


Pink and green flowers.P1070864

Cute pink and green decorations put together by Allison and her mom.P1070865P1070869

And of course I must tell you about the food, because that’s what I do here, right!?

For lunch, we had a variety of croissant sandwiches prepared by the mother of the bride-to-be.


Lovely spread of fruit and the cutest little fruit skewers prepared by Michelle.


I prepared a variety of veggies, including broccoli, radishes, sugar snap peas, green pepper, celery, grape tomatoes, cukes, cauliflower, and carrots, with dip.


Also had hummus for the veggies.P1070876

View of the food table. We also had chips and pasta salad, and beverages.P1070877

I think it was a nice spread of food for a ladies’ lunch. On my plate is the turkey, cranberry, and cream cheese croissant, along with a few bites of everything!


And of course we showered the glowing bride-to-be with gifts! I helped with the gift record keeping while Amanda opened her gifts.


Michelle ordered this cake from our local grocery store, Bueche’s. All my childhood birthday cakes came from here! Pretty cake! It even has “something blue.”P1070885

The bride-to-be practiced her cake cutting skills for the big day.


We had a big crowd! About 45 guests, including the bride and bridesmaids.P1070891



You know funfetti is the way to go.P1070895

The bride with four of her bridesmaids. (There is one more bridesmaid who couldn’t make it today, who is involved in other pre-wedding shower activities).P1070897

All in all I think the shower went well and a fun time was had by all in celebration of the lovely bride-to-be!

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