Black Rock Bar & Grill

Saturday night, after co-hosting my BFF’s bridal shower, it was time for the bachelorette party!

We departed Flushing and caravanned down to Black Rock Bar & Grill in Hartland. After some initial, not-so-friendly confusion regarding seating our party, we had a round of drinks. Black Rock is pretty stingy with their drink menus. Our party of 15 had to share one drink menu. Sheesh!

Mojito for me. ‘Twas good.


Our party was split into an adjacent table and booth. Here’s half of us at the table:


…and a few other ladies at the booth beside us.P1070903

Me & the bride-to-be. Note the bride’s sassy boa and sparkly tiara!:P1070918

We all randomly drew buttons from a pile, and I ended up with the descriptor “WILD” for the evening. Better than “VAMP” right?P1070909

A basic garden salad to start with a lovely cherry vinaigrette.


The majority of us ordered the The Signature Black Rock, which was a 10 ounce center-cut sirloin, served atop a 700-800 F degree black rock! This giant cart of hot rocks and meat was sitting behind my chair for several minutes and I could feel the intense heat emanating from the platters.

Cue watering mouth.


The steak is seared on one side by the staff, flipped, and presented to the diner with the first cut made, like this. Diners can then cook portions of the steak to their desired doneness themselves, right at the table. I couldn’t help but think about the mind-bending pain that would have to occur if you accidentally bumped your arm into this 700+ F degree rock! That’s okay though. The potential element of danger made it that much more exciting.

The steak tasted awesome though, and such fun to cook! So rich, succulent, and juicy.


For my side dish I ordered sweet potato fries which were merely okay. I’ve had much better.


The atmosphere at Black Rock was very lively, and very loud, while the décor was dark, modern, and cozy. It was very crowded when we were there on a Saturday night, and service for our large party was slo-oo-ow. Since we were having a fun time we didn’t mind the wait, but if I were out to dinner as a couple, I imagine I would have been quite irritated that it took around 2.5 hours for dinner (with no apps, no dessert!). With that said, the food and atmosphere would bring me back again.


Clearly we are a bunch of hotties!P1070920P1070923

After dinner we made a pit stop at a bar in Flint, and then back to Flushing for Bahama Mamas, jell-o shots, and a few racy games. Allison did an awesome job with the tropical decorations, spread of food, favors, and décor!



We stayed up late and had an old-fashioned sleepover with sleeping bags to round out the night. Fun times!

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