Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Aaaand another weekend draws to a close. This weekend flew by. Such a fun one! Saturday night, Five Cent Femme and I met for dinner at Sava’s, where we dined al fresco. I tried a glass of Sangria Blanco, which tasted like cucumber and apples. Very crisp and refreshing for a hot summer evening.


For dinner, I had the Tuna Salad, “sashimi grade tuna, spinach, couscous, capers, segmented orange, green onion, carrots, pickled ginger, soy ginger vinaigrette.” This was a very unique salad, I really enjoyed it, especially the dressing and the pickled ginger.


After dinner, we met up at a friend’s house with a few others downtown to socialize and enjoy a few cocktails before heading to The Bang!


This month’s theme was the Physical Bang! This theme takes place yearly – last summer I also blogged about the Physical Bang. Here’s Five Cent Femme, Em 5-Star SexiMexy (<—official blog nickname has been established), & me.


We were having a little bit too much fun playing with the old school exercise props on stage.


It was so hot last night too. We definitely had to take a breather or two.P1080201P1080204

I wore my Big House Big Heart racing bib with my outfit.P1080209

After The Bang! we did some chilling in my back yard for a bit with some choice snacks. And by choice snacks I mean a large Domino’s pizza.dominos_cheese_pizza

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Let’s Get Physical.

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