Restaurant Week: June 2012–Carson’s Lunch

Oh my gawd you guys, I feel like I ate today. It is Ann Arbor Restaurant Week, and you know I made my dinner reservations a few weeks ago (check back in a day or two for updates on that!).

Sans reservations, a few of us from the office lunched at Carson’s today, where we all enjoyed the three-course Restaurant Week dealio.

For me: Gazpacho.


Half of a pesto chicken salad sandwich with chips and a pickle. Pesto chicken salad reminds me of this really awesome, well uh, pesto chicken salad croissant that I used to eat in the dorm in college. It was one of my favorite foods in the dorm and I’ve yet, in life, to find a chicken salad that lives up to it. This was good though! You can pretty much slap pesto on anything and I’m sold.


…Aaaand dessert! For LUNCH! Getting a little gluttonous here, kids. I had a spicy clove-y carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting that reminded me of ColdStone’s cake batter ice cream, with a scoop of ice cream, drizzled in caramel.

Oh snap.


If you can’t tell, we dined al fresco. Obviously the best way to enjoy lunch!

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Week: June 2012–Carson’s Lunch

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