Restaurant Week: June 2012-Logan

At the top of my “restaurants-to-try” list in Ann Arbor has been Logan. (That’s also my cute nephew’s name!) I stalked the online reservation system for weeks leading up to Ann Arbor Restaurant Week to get my 7:00 PM reservation on Friday night. Uh, yeah. MegNeedsALife.

Friday after work we enjoyed a little happy hour-for-two in the sunshine on our deck, complete with a Bloody Mary. Summer is the best.

Fast forward to 7:00 PM, we arrive at Logan, and are seated immediately inside, at one of the two tables in the front window facing Washington Street. Obviously the most attractive people are seated at these tables to entice people to dine there. Clearly.

We had a great view of the diners eating outside and other passersby.


Logan’s décor was a bit simpler than Pacific Rim, where we dined the night before. Simple yet elegant. Don’t get me wrong, Pacific Rim is beautiful inside, but I think I felt more comfortable inside Logan. It was sophisticated, yet homey. The orange wall was simply fabulous.


Just like the evening before, we again enjoyed a three course meal for $25 per person, for Restaurant Week. I also enjoyed a wine flight with my dinner, featuring wines #1, #3, and #4 on this list:


For my first course, the huz and I both ordered:

Pork Dumplings
”Ginger and shallot seasoned pork dumplings with a tamarind infused tomato sauce. Accented by ponzu dressed daikon and cilantro.”

These were absolutely incredible. When I first received the plate I wasn’t incredibly enticed, but upon my first bite I was absolutely swooning. The flaky crust covered an extremely flavorful pork filling. The tangy dressed daikon nicely complemented the dish as well, and I enjoyed bites of it with the dumplings.

I was also a huge fan of the chilled Sauvignon Blanc served with this course.


For course two, the huz and I again ordered the same thing:

Crab Cake
”Served on saffron tomato sauce, accented with a fresh ponzu dressed bok choy salad.”

Crab cakes are pretty much my favorite food, so I had to try Logan’s rendition. Unfortunately this was probably my least favorite course. Well, the crab cake itself was actually quite good. It had a nice crisp, buttery crust and a creamy, sweet filling, which consisted primarily shreds of crab, versus the big lumps that I prefer. My least favorite part of the dish was the saffron tomato sauce. The saffron flavor was just too strong and acrid for my taste buds, so I steered clear of it. I was really surprised by the amount of visible saffron in my bok choy salad. I think it was too much for me! When I cook a big pot of food I use only a tiny pinch of saffron, and my salad appeared to have it’s own tiny pinch all for itself!

Another lovely wine too, I must say.


For my main course, I ordered the:

Shrimp Skewers
”Ginger marinated shrimp skewers. Served with garlic mashed potatoes, accompanied by Chef Thad’s complex Thai coconut milk sauce.”

Incredible! Just beautifully prepared, I have to say. Every little detail on this plate was perfection. The crunchy, sweet and salty onions atop the silky garlic mashed potatoes. A tender bite of the warmly-spiced shrimp dipped in the rich Thai coconut milk sauce? MegsEyesRollBackIntoHead.

This dish delivered the umami I said I was missing earlier in the week. at PR.P1080237

A few warm and buttery mini biscuits were also served with our main course. Yummy!


I know last night I offered the disclaimer that yes, I know, Restaurant Week might not be the best “full, true” experience of a restaurant, and might not be the ideal meal by which to judge a restaurant, but I will again offer up a review of Logan, with that said.

    • Atmosphere: Lovely. Simple, charming, sophisticated. Unpretentious.
    • Food: For the most part, incredible. A bit too heavy of a hand was used on the saffron in the second course, is my only critique. Other than that, everything was amazing. I want to go back and try everything!
    • Service: Great! Above and beyond. The hostess was warm and welcoming. Our server was also very friendly, welcoming, professional, and down-to-earth. He also seemed knowledgeable about the menu, which I appreciated.

Overall, as you can probably tell, we had a really excellent experience at Logan. The food was awesome and I was left with the very strong desire to return as soon as possible and try more! My high expectations were most definitely met.

Logan on Urbanspoon


After dinner we stopped at Cupcake Station (buy one, get one free!) where I had a mini sherbet cupcake, with key lime filling. Awesome.


After dinner we had some time to enjoy before our later engagement. I am kind of becoming a fan of mid-evening cocktails enjoyed in the window seats at Rush Street. Where else can you just stroll up on a warm summer Friday night and get a prime table?!




After cocktails, we walked to campus for opening night of Ann Arbor’s annual Top of the Park.


We scored front row spots to see the funk and soul ensemble Third Coast Kings perform. They put on a fun show and were a lot of fun to watch, with their high energy level!


Every day I feel lucky to be able to live in the awesome city that is Ann Arbor.


My neck angle in the above picture reminds me of this Deftone’s Saturday Night Wrist album cover!


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4 thoughts on “Restaurant Week: June 2012-Logan

  1. I was at TOp of Park, too! Left after about 15 min of 3rd Coast Kings. Darn sleepy kids.

    I want to re-try Logan. Went there 6 years ago and wasn’t very impressed. Went back a month ago and – between ordering and getting food – I had to run home so my food was cold. Darn kids again.

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