Living the Good Life

I’ve been living well the last week or two, let me tell you. My life has been full of good food, good drinks, good peeps. This weekend was just the same.

On Saturday I went to a family gathering at my aunt and uncle’s house. We gathered to visit with my aunt and cousin who were making an annual trip to the mitten from California. I also got to see my cousin’s new precious new baby, Alexis! (Shame on me for only taking food pictures! I need to get it together, clearly!).

My Aunt Barb is an excellent cook and as always, prepared a most delicious dinner spread (and an pictured appetizer spread!). I went back for seconds of everything! Props to my uncle’s grillin’ skills on the beef, and to the NomMom’s cheesy potatoes.


Plus a generous dessert spread. How is a girl to decide?


Aunt Becky’s Chocolate Pie (a family recipe adopted from my late Great Aunt Elaine) and Aunt Barb’s chocolate chip cookie, it was.


After our get-together, I had a date planned with Five Cent Femme, at Top of the Park, back in Ann Arbor.


We hung out in the ‘beer tent,’ listened to the vivacious Lady Sunshine and the X-Band, followed by a DJ and dancing (in which we did not partake on this particular evening – more fun to watch and be amused!).P1080260_520

The next morning I made myself a pretty killer bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with a side of Stonyfield lemon yogurt for breakfast.P1080261

Sunday I stayed home all day (except for 4 mile walk/run in the evening) and accomplished loads of house work that had been building up. One of my tasks for the day was to find new homes for the five new African Violets I brought home the day before. My uncle has become quite the African Violet aficionado! He has a giant collection of all different varieties growing under lights in his basement and was generous enough to share some of these beauties with the fam.

This one is my favorite:


But they are all pretty!


Here’s to hoping I can keep at least most of them alive and well with a little experimentation!

Two are in my formal living room, but the white-flowered one is bound for my work cubicle.


Three are on our TV stand in the loft.P1080280

If they don’t do well on the TV stand I will try moving them to my “plant window,” where Jade and Harry live. Yes, I have always named my houseplants.


Sunday means Grilling Day. Mesquite marinated chicken plus zuke and ‘shroom skewers on the grill = awesomeness.


This dinner was SO GOOD. The huz did an amazing job on the mesquite chicken tenderloins. Mmm!


Brownies for Two for dessert! Gooey and piping hot out of the oven.P1080286


I am a day late posting this but Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there – especially to mine! I didn’t get to see my dad on Sunday but I saw him Saturday at our gathering!


Red heart

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