Northwest Salmon Salad

Summer makes me happy. Especially when one of my Tuesday work tasks is to sit outside for 45 minutes directing people where to go. Yeeeah, boi. Just enjoying that view, that sun, those 80 degrees.


After a somewhat unconventional work day, I headed home (my commute traffic has been terrible lately!), and tossed together this quick dinner.

Northwest Salmon Salad

First I made the fresh, creamy dressing, using these ingredients. So summery!


Here they are again. I was getting pretty geeked for this recipe at this point. Doesn’t this look good?


Meanwhile, after setting the dressing aside, I prepared a bed of Bibb lettuce, and topped it with “Northeast” ingredients, such as blueberries and salmon (had to substitute walnuts for hazelnuts though), as well as sliced peaches and red onion. I used a pre-seasoned frozen salmon filet for sake of convenience, and also served a slice of Savory 4-Cheese Great Harvest bread with dinner. Bread is not an ingredient commonly kept on hand at our house. When I do buy bread, I like to get the good stuff.


Lastly, I placed “dollops” of the creamy dressing atop the salad. So many wonderful flavors in this dinner – fresh dill, crisp cucumber, salty capers, sweet juicy peaches, tart blueberries – loved it!


After dinner, I promptly got my booty out the door to run a couple quick miles, followed by an even quicker shower, and made it to Bar Louie by 8:00 to meet up with Five Cent Femme. Phew. I skipped out on the dollar burgers this week, but treated myself to one cocktail. The service at Bar Louie is so horrendous; I don’t know why I keep returning.


After stocking up on a few snacks at the convenience store (White Cheddar Smartfood Popcorn!!!), we walked to Top of the Park. We found a little spot in the grass to spread out our fleece blankets to sit and watch Ghostbusters. Throwback!


To liven things up, both a Ghostbuster and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man impersonator wandered the crowd, which elicited enthusiastic applause from the big crowd.


And that was my Tuesday.

NoteCurrently listening to: Eyes Wide Open – Gotye.

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