Heat Wave

Tonight’s dinner blog post is brought to you courtesy of the heat wave, which caused a power outage, which caused me to go downtown for dinner tonight, which caused me to snap Instagram pics for the blog.

When the huz and I arrived home with no power in this 100 F degree weather, we had a difficult time deciding what to do for dinner. Should we wait it out, let the power come back on, and heat the stew I had prepared the night before, that was chilling in the fridge?  (Who makes stew during a heat wave!? Me, apparently.) Should we go out to eat and save the stew for later? Freeze the stew for next week?

Finally it was decided we would go out for dinner, for something casual. Three criteria from me: no fried chicken, some place I could order salad with meat on it, and some place with electricity. We decided to go casual and try a new-to-us place on Liberty Street called La Pita Fresh.




Salad + meat, just like I wanted! I ordered the Fattoush Salad and added Chicken Shawarma on top. This was great! It was packed full of fresh veggies – crisp romaine, cucumbers, diced tomato, radishes, and green peppers – topped with crispy pita bites, and served with a delicious herby vinaigrette that I loved. A rather generous portion of tender, white meat chicken was served on top, which was wonderfully seasoned with warm Middle Eastern spices. I wouldn’t have minded a few triangles of soft pita bread on the side, but other than that, I was a huge fan of this salad. Even for dinner, the portion size was nice.


The huz ordered the $5.99 combo of the day, which included a Spicy Chicken Pita (it was big!), choice of fries, rice or salad, and a soft drink. What a deal! The fries were served piping hot and the huz said he enjoyed the wrap.


La Pita on Urbanspoon

Next we walked literally right next door to Yoggie’s for dessert. Yoggie’s opened only a couple weeks ago, and we had a free sample on the day of their grand opening, not long ago.


There were at least a dozen frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, and oodles of toppings. Fruit, for the health-conscious, including pom seeds, mango, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, and more.


..And treats as well! My favorites were toffee and cookie dough bites. Also, toasted coconut!


I had a mixture of caramel and cake batter fro yo (and a little squirt of key lime as well), with lots of goodies on top.




Nice view of Maynard and Liberty Streets from the front window seats. Yoggie’s was delicious and pretty affordable too. The huz and I each had two pretty generously sized bowls for around $10. The employee working was very friendly and welcoming as well. I’ll definitely return.


On the way home from dinner and dessert, we stopped at the gas station for ice for our fridge, but when we got home our power was restored. Hooray!

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