Crab. Lobster. Yellowfin Tuna. Tilapia.

Friday was not a good day for me to forget to bring my camera to Happy Hour. Let’s just say I ate some pretty great food.

Crab. Lobster. Yellowfin Tuna. Tilapia.

I’ll attempt to document the food highlights of the evening with these iPhone pics.

Happy Hour started at The Chop House. Who would’ve thought, right? A former co-worker of mine (she will henceforth be referred to as Profresh) recommended the 5:00-7:00 PM Happy Hour that takes place at Chop House on weeknights and includes some pretty bangin’ $5 martinis and other cocktails, in the bar area. I did take advantage of the $5 drinks, with my first one being:

“The St. Rita: A more interesting margarita, featuring, El Jimadore Tequila, St. Germaine
elderflower liqueur, fresh squeezed lime juice, and rimmed with pink Hawaiian rock salt.”

This marg was about a thousand times better than the twice-as-expensive yet crappy version I had at Bar Louie last Tuesday.

Five Star SexiMexy and I split a couple of the appetizers on the bar menu. First we had:

“Maryland Lump Crab and Lobster Cakes, with roasted pepper coulis and basil oil.”


Holy crab cakes. Some of the best I’ve had. Giant sweet lumps of crab, and of LOBSTER! The crispy scallions added texture, and the sauces enhanced the seafood as well. These might be the best crab cakes in Ann Arbor. Carson’s also has some pretty bangin’ crab cakes too, though. I think Chop House might win the title though. And you know that I know my stuff when it comes to crab cakes.

Equally as amazing, up next we had the:

“Tuna Tartare: yellowfin tuna, shiso leaves, avocado, cucumber and radish, with soy reduction and wasabi créme fraiche, served with won ton chips.”


I just LOVED the tuna tartare! Finally, someone who knows how to properly season avocado – and a buttery, perfectly-ripened one, at that. I love avocado, but I require lots of salt on it, and this delivered. The soy reduction was a lovely tangy enhancement to the dish. It almost reminded me of adobo sauce (that comes packed in cans of chipotle peppers), due to the mildly sweet, tangy, smoky qualities. Definitely a winner.

After an interesting detour involving some curious homeless men, we ended up a few doors down for Rush Hour. You know how we do. Chop House Happy Hour is from 5-7pm and Rush Street’s Rush Hour is from 7-10pm. Coincidentally, I usually can’t handle Rush Street after about 10:00 PM anyways, so this works out well.

Duck lips and deuces were practiced by Five Star SexiMexy and Five Cent Femme.


A few other locations on Main Street were explored over the course of the evening, including a stop a few hours later at Black Pearl where I FINALLY tried their famed FISH TACOS!


And good heavens, did they deliver! I had heard so.many.good.things about Black Pearl’s fish tacos from so.many.people. After 11:00 PM, the fish tacos are included on the discounted late night menu , from which I also ordered a cocktail:

Ice-tini: Pearl pomegranate vodka, Hypnotic and Elderflower.”

Not bad, but I probably wouldn’t get the cocktail again.

But back to the fish tacos. These babies deserve their own professional photo shoot and I was genuinely sad that I didn’t have my camera with me! One bite, and it was like pure umami. Here is the menu description:

“Cumin dusted breaded tilapia, spicy cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo, cilantro, lime, pico de gallo.”

Hands down these were the best fish tacos I have ever had. Every element just… worked; and the fried tilapia (served piping hot with a crispy, well-seasoned coating!) was the standout ingredient, as it should be. I ordered one, and then at “last call for food” I ordered a second!

I now predict that every time I am downtown after 11:00 PM I will require a Black Pearl fish taco pit stop.

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