Meal Planning for July 7–July 13

You might remember last week I wrote about meal planning and I have decided I am going to try make a weekly series out of this topic. I’ll start by recapping last week’s meal plan, how it went, and then write about the meal plan for the upcoming week.

Last Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of June 30 – July 6:






  • Thursday: Chicken Curry with Rice <—this recipe was NOT good! I didn’t blog it.




Upcoming Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of July 7 – July 13:

    • Saturday: Whole Foods Salad Bar
    • Sunday: Grilled Biercamp Brats, baked beans, watermelon
    • Monday: Salmon Burgers with Green Goddess Sauce atop Baby Greens, Roasted Sweet Potatoes
    • Tuesday: Italian Chopped Salad
    • Wednesday: Country Chicken with Gravy, roasted garlic red skin potatoes, teriyaki veggies
    • Thursday: Shrimp Cobb Salad
    • Friday: Out

Often I don’t plan a meal for one night in case something comes up during the week, but I didn’t do that this week. I do have one “delayable” meal, which is the Shrimp Cobb Salad, since the shrimp is frozen and baby greens will be eaten regardless of whether or not I make the dinner this week or next week.

Grocery List: (doesn’t include everything to make the above dishes; some items I have on hand)

    • Produce: (these weren’t all on my ‘list,’ as I tend to pick out fruit/veggies that are on sale and look good, in addition to items needed for my planned recipes)
          • Bananas (2)
          • Cilantro
          • Parsley
          • Sweet Potatoes (2)
          • Scallions
          • Green Pepper (2)
          • Carrots [organic]
          • Lemon (2)
          • Cantaloupe
          • Green Grapes [organic]
          • Romaine (two 7 oz pkgs) [organic]
          • Cherries [organic]
          • Baby Greens (giant 16 oz tub) [organic]
          • Red Potatoes
          • Avocado
          • Watermelon
    • Dairy:
          • Cottage Cheese
          • Yoplait yogurt (2)
          • Pepper Jack Cheese
    • Meat:
          • Ham (2 oz)
          • Salami (2 oz)
          • Pepperoni
          • Boneless skinless chicken breast halves
          • Salmon
          • Bacon <—forgot to get this! will have to go back to store.
          • Shrimp
    • Pantry Staples:
          • Baked beans (1 can)
          • Chickpeas (1 can)
          • Diced tomatoes
          • Corn flakes
    • Frozen:
          • 3 frozen Indian entrees (Tandoor Chef)
          • 1 frozen burrito (Evol)
          • 2 Lean Cuisine
          • 2 boxes of Lean Pockets
    • Dessert:
          • frozen fruit bars

As you can probably tell, I had a pretty big haul at the grocery store this week, and exceeded my target budget. I kind of went crazy with all the in-season produce, so I can’t really feel bad about that! Additionally, the meat added up quickly, and I also purchased a few plant supplies, which I’ll blog about this week!

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