Cookies by the POUND

Well I enjoyed kayaking so much last weekend that I wanted to go again this past weekend. Last weekend Five Cent Femme was my trusty sidekick, but this weekend I brought the huz along. Let’s just say the trip was, uh, interesting and leave it at that, shall we?


Dinner was on my own since the huz was having a bro-date. I went on a mini shopping spree at Whole Foods to obtain noms.

    • Zatar Pita Chips & Red Pepper Hummus
    • Hugh Jass salad from the salad bar, to which I added a crumbled black bean burger and Sriracha drizzles at home
    • Cookies by the POUND beyotch! <-ridiculously good
    • Michigan wine that has been lurking in my kitchen forever


On Sunday I repotted Jade and Harry into two new, larger pots, using soil suitable for cacti and succulents.




I’ve had Jade for a few years now and am extremely concerned that she didn’t handle the repotting well. She’s just flopping over in the pot. C’mon Jade, pleeeease pull yourself together!

I bond pretty closely with my houseplants and will be pretty heartbroken if she doesn’t make it. Keep Jade in your thoughts.

Sunday dinner was again Biercamp brats! Last week the huz and I dominated an entire watermelon, so this week I bought another one. We are obsessed. Also had beans, and a kebab of grilled onion and zucchini from the garden of someone at work.


Have a nice week!

NoteCurrently listening to: Thank You – Evans Blue <- can’t wait to see them in TWO DAYS!

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