Red, White, and Blue Bang + Mac-n-Cheese

Check out these monster ‘matoes.


Still doin’ well I think.


Saturday, while the huz was outside grilling this:


..I was indoors making this.


“This” is homemade macaroni and cheese. Alton Brown’s recipe, which I blogged about last year, for Stove Top Mac-n-Cheese. Using a quality cheese is vital in this recipe. I used Hoffman’s Super Sharp Cheddar.

This macaroni and cheese was spectacular. Might I even go so far as to say the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had? I might. It is simply incredible. Can’t go wrong with Alton Brown. Plus it is so easy to make. My rating: 10/10.


We also had a perfectly grilled top sirloin (definitely wasn’t able to eat that whole portion myself!) and steamed broccoli. Awesome dinner!P1080435

A few hours after dinner, a pre-party occurred at Five Cent Femme’s place of residence. With pickles.


Then we went to The Bang!


This month’s theme: Red, White, and Blue Bang. Hilariously, Five Cent Femme and I were basically wearing opposites. Sailor stripes on top and a red skirt for me, while she wore solid red on top with sailor stripes on the skirt. Quite the outfit coordination. Five Cent Femme refuses to have her photograph taken, despite my desire to document our coordinated outfits.


I also rocked the red nail polish and blue eye shadow.


We did some dancing, but honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of the music at this Bang. Wasn’t feelin’ the guest DJs’ groove.P1080446

Still a fun night!P1080449

There she is.


9 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blue Bang + Mac-n-Cheese

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  2. No, you can’t go wrong with Alton Brown. Love the food science comments…such a nerd…lovable nerd. I will try this recipe. First time trying one of your recommends…sorry no time to cook. I will make time for this. Let you know..

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