Worthy of Repeating

As a food blogger, my nightly dinners are generally quite varied because I like to use new recipes as blog content throughout the week. However, this week I made two repeat recipes that were worthy of an encore.

Just last week I made Country Chicken with Gravy, and it was so delicious that I just had to make it again this week. Also, I have a giant box of cornflakes (one of the crispy coating ingredients) that I need to use up!


This week the gravy I made was much thicker, thanks in part of the use of condensed milk this time, rather than skim milk.P1080471

I also made Beef & Cabbage Stew last month and was a big fan of the recipe. This dish, too, was worthy of repeating. I actually prepared this stew about two week ago, refrigerated it overnight, and planned to simply heat and eat it once we got home from work the next day. Well, it turned out we had a power outage the next day. The soup didn’t seem very appealing cold, so I threw it in the freezer, hoped the power would come back on soon, and instead went out to dinner. And so, finally, last night, we pulled the stew out of freezer, defrosted and heated it, and enjoyed an easy homemade dinner. Nice to know this stew freezes quite well.


We’ve had an ice cream craving this week, so I made a pit stop at 7-11 on the way home from my hair cut and picked up a little tub of Breyer’s, enjoyed with a couple episodes of How I Met Your Mother. 🙂


It was the Sandcastles in the Sa-aaaand episode.

What recipes do you frequently repeat for dinner?

3 thoughts on “Worthy of Repeating

  1. One of our favourite repeat dinners is pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes roasted in the oven. I top it with grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon. It’s so simple, but so delicious!

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