Friday Upnorth

This past Friday I took half the day off work and the huz and I headed ‘upnorth’ for the weekend, to my parents’ cabin. This was our first time visiting the cabin! It was charming, and sits on a really nice lot. Check out the back yard, and new shed.


For dinner, my dad started the chicken and corn on the grill.


Possibly the huz’s favorite food: barbecued chicken!


A classic dish in my family, simply referred to as “casserole”!


The huz eyeballin’ the chicken.


Food is the way to our hearts, clearly!

That, and beer.P1080483

Yummy summer dinner! Grilled corn, chicken, and casserole, enjoyed outside on the picnic table. Definitely went back for seconds.


Later we had a bonfire. Open-mouthed smile


…Which meant it was obviously time for s’mores!


Earlier in the evening, a neighbor set off some fireworks and spooked poor Daisy, who I saw inside the cabin when I went to retrieve marshmallows.


Perfect marshmallow toasting coals!


Ahhh, yesss! S’mores!P1080493

I’ll have more about our weekend soon!

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