Choco Taco

Sheesh, it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t even finished blogging about my weekend yet! Here is my third and final recap of the weekend!

After returning from the beach on Saturday, it was about time for some chilling outdoors and dinner preparations.


We had this flavorful and savory sautéed green bean and tomato dish.


And my mom’s classic cheesy potatoes.P1080540

And steak on the grill! Awesome dinner.


After dinner the huz and I took an evening stroll down to one of pretty much only two businesses in town – the mini-mart. (The other business is a bar, of course).


Choco Taco!!! I had a hankering for these for a few months now and was pretty excited to find one. Its been years and years…


After our stroll, we headed back to the cabin for another bonfire, and later, s’mores. Good way to end our last night!


For breakfast we had another tasty spread of sourdough toast, zuke bread, fruit, and sausage. Plus juice and coffee. The huz and I had an awesome weekend upnorth with my parents.

Thanks for having us and making all our favorite foods! Smile


Early afternoon, we left, and starting heading south toward home, with a pit stop at the huz’s grandparents’ house for a family get-together. We also got to see my mother-in-law (back in Michigan for a while before she heads back to Taiwan later this summer), bro- and sis-in laws, and nephew (who collapsed in my arms and gave me a zombie hug before we left!).


We enjoyed a delicious late-lunch/early-dinner prepared by Tom’s grandparents. I got to try the famed “grandpa burgers” and they were good stuff! Also had some potato salad, but my favorite part was the veggie pizza, which I couldn’t stop eating.


What a nice family-filled weekend.

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