Ripe Tomatoes

The tomatoes are ripe!!


Are these babies beautiful, or what?!


I’ve prepared a couple meals with our newly ripe tomatoes this week. On Monday I made a salad with romaine, tomatoes fresh off the vine, and lots of chopped cucumber from my parents’ garden.


And on Wednesday night, we had some of the best BLTs ever!! Can’t beat ‘em. The fresh tomato was just utterly awesome in there. I can’t believe I used to not like tomatoes! Maybe it took trying a good, in-season tomato for me to realize how wonderful they are.


For the BLT, I used frozen bread dough that I baked the night before, and layered with mayo, romaine, and three slices of bacon per sandwich.


Be prepared for many more tomato recipes in queue!

Today is the huz’s and my wedding anniversary. Red heart

Here we are honeymooning four years ago. Daaaaang I wish I were headed to Jamaica right about now.


4 thoughts on “Ripe Tomatoes

  1. Happy Anniversary! It’s hard to believe it’s been four years already! 🙂

    Your tomatoes look absolutely great! I’m jealous of your blt’s. Looking forward to the other tomatoe-y recipes to come.

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