Summer Picnic

Hey there. Yesterday was my annual summer work picnic, graciously hosted by director, at his cottage on the lake. Nice, right!? We had an amaaaazing spread this year! Probably my favorite spread of food at any of our work gatherings before. I just love summer food so much! The food was provided by Romanoff’s Catering.

Warm fluffy rolls, tortellini salad, grilled corn and avocado salad.


Beef tenderloin with dill sauce, cole slaw, salads.


Pulled pork, grilled chicken and sausage kebabs, mahi mahi fish tacos with all the fixings – mango salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole.


My plate! I had every intention of having two plates but I couldn’t even eat another plate after this (well, except for my dessert sampler. I had a sausage kebab, loaded up fish taco, tortellini salad, several slices of that amazing beef tenderloin, and the grilled corn and avocado salad. Everything was just awesome and hot and fresh as can be.P1080568

We also had a particularly impressive dessert table, which I completely neglected to photograph, but should have! Among the offerings were pineapple upside down cake, cobblers, cheesecake brownies, cookies, and Gabi’s famous tres leches cake.

A committee was also formed make a couple batches of sangria for the party.


The head of the committee was Five-Star SexyMexi, assisted by myself and the huz (who are each pouring an entire bottle of wine into the pitcher below!), and photographed by our taste-tester, Kevin.



We ended up making a quintupled batch of sangria, inspired by Emeril’s recipe, using red wine (merlot and pinot noir), brandy, triple sec, apple, lime, and orange. FiveStar also added lemonade and orange juice, but we left out the sugar and sparkling water. It was good stuff! (I had so much food in my stomach from dinner though, that it really didn’t hit me too hard.)

We enjoyed lounging around down by the lake, socializing, and also kayaked around the lake a bit. Fun times!

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