Meal Planning for Week of August 5-10

Hey dudes. It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for a weekly meal recap and menu planning post.

Last Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of July 28 – August 4:





  • Wednesday: Prior to dinner I had one glass of Malbec and half-off Voodoo Shrimp at Carson’s happy hour with two ladies from the office.


Then I came home and made a scaled-down version of my planned dinner:

Gardein Crispy Tenders, Crispy Crowns, Pear, Greens, Zuke Bread


  • Thursday: Amanda’s rehearsal dinner.

After rehearsing at the wedding venue, the wedding party caravanned over to Highland House for dinner. I love this place! First we started with lots of warm, delicious breadsticks with garlic cheese spread, coconut shrimp, chicken wings, and a salad course. P1080633_520

And theeeen: pizza! Highland House has superb pizza. One of my favorites, if not very favorite, places to get pizza. When I get a pizza craving, it’s THIS pizza I crave. Here is the married-couple-to-be.


  • Friday: Out to dinner – girls’ night with bride-to-be

I took half the day off work so that I could go home and get ready for the big wedding weekend, and drive up to Fenton to be with the bride for her last night as a single lady. The bride-to-be, myself, and two other bridesmaids had dinner at Bar Louie in Flint, outside on the patio. I am on a Bar Louie kick this summer!

We started with an order of Verde Chicken Flatbread, to share.


For my entrée, I ordered the Blackberry, Orange, & Brie Salad with a filet of salmon on top. This salad was actually awesome – I loved it. Mixed greens, blackberries, orange, pecans, bacon, brie, basil – mmm!


Back at the bride-to-be’s apartment, we kept her company while she packed all of her wedding day necessities and honeymoon bags, did some final preparations on the favors and pudding shots, and gave the bride emotional support and pep talks. That girl kept her cool quite well, and didn’t let the small stuff bother her.

Cuddle puddle!


  • Saturday: Wedding to attend – Pictures to come!

Here is next week’s dinner menu:

Upcoming Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of August 5 – August 10:

      • Sunday: McDonald’s, to nurse my hangover. I eat at McDonald’s about once or twice yearly, so this was quite the occasion.
      • Monday:  Pasta Fagioli Soup
      • Tuesday: Dinner date with a friend
      • Wednesday: dinner solo, wing it
      • Thursday: California Shrimp Tacos
      • Friday: out

I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet this week, so I don’t have a list to share. Still haven’t made the list… I’ve got to get on that. Off I go!

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