Meal Planning for Week of August 11-17

Time for a weekly recap and planning post.

Last Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of August 5 – August 10:

Can’t get enough of this recipe. It’s so quick and easy to make, and it tastes amazing!


  • Tuesday: Taco Tuesday at Sabor Latino with Five Cent Femme. I had four $1 tacos: fish (2), chorizo, and carnitas. Fish is still my favorite.


  • Wednesday: Dinner solo, wing it. I ended up going to Exotic Bakeries & Syrian Cuisine, near work, and picking up some take-out. I’m diggin’ this place recently. I ordered combo #12: three pieces of falafel, tabbouli, and hummus, with pita. Sooo good.


I also picked up a little treat for myself (and one for the huz when he got home too!): a chocolate truffle, which was nothing short of foodgasmic.



  • Friday: Pizza and wings from Domino’s! I’ve been feeling so worn out this week, that I had little desire to do much other than relax at home and eat pizza. I’ve had a headache (I just typed pizza instead of headache, ahahaha) for over one week straight now. Yesssss. This helped.


Upcoming Week: Dinner Meal Plan for Week of August 11-17:

      • Saturday: Sausage Lasagna, Salad
      • Sunday: Honey Grilled Chicken Breast with Corn and Black Bean Salad
      • Monday:  Sausage Lasagna 2.0, Salad
      • Tuesday: Pimiento Cheese BLTs, Roasted Brussels Sprouts
      • Wednesday: Smoked Turkey Sausage, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Creamed Spinach
      • Thursday: Wing it
      • Friday: Out

Grocery List: (doesn’t include everything to make the above dishes; some items I have on hand)

      • Produce:
          • sweet potatoes
          • cucumbers
          • red onion
          • leek
          • tomatoes <-mine aren’t ripening rapidly enough to keep up with our consumption!
          • lemon
          • sweet corn
          • basil [organic]
          • garlic
          • green grapes [organic]
          • strawberries [organic]
          • romaine [organic]
      • Dairy:
          • Oikos yogurt (3)
          • Fage yogurt (1)
          • 1% milk
          • ricotta (part-skim)
          • reduced-fat cream cheese
          • sharp cheddar
          • cottage cheese
          • mozzarella (part-skim)
          • butter (unsalted)
      • Meat:
          • thin-cut boneless skinless chicken breasts
          • bacon
          • smoked turkey sausage
      • Pantry:
          • walnuts
          • mayonnaise
          • crushed tomatoes
          • sourdough bread
          • lasagna noodles
          • black beans
      • Frozen:
          • spinach (2)
          • Lean Cuisine (1)
      • Beverages:
          • orange juice
          • Diet 7-up
      • Dessert:
          • Chips Ahoy

We’ll see how it goes!

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