Jumpin’ In The River

Sunday I was a kayaking, food prepping machine. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration. I did, however, again go kayaking with Five Cent Femme. We did the awesome Barton to Gallup trip down the Huron River, with the oh-so-exciting jaunt through Ann Arbor’s new Argo Cascades. Love it! Kayaking was just what I needed! The sun, fresh air, cool water, and green surroundings banished my persistent headache for good – felt so refreshed afterward!


[ source ]

A quartet of kayakers make their way up the Huron River on a picture perfect day, Sunday afternoon, July 12th during the Huron River Days at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor. The annual celebration of the river featured plenty of water activities, including canoeing, as well as food, music, and plenty of educational stations.

[ source ]

When I came home, it was already time to start preparing dinner. I made this incredibly delicious Corn & Black Bean Salad. Can’t recommend that recipe enough, it was insane. In a good way. It’s a perfect way to use up all those tomatoes that are getting ripe.


Mmmmmm hmm. :: Nods emphatically ::P1080821

And actually, despite declaring myself a “food prepping machine,” I must give full credit to the huz for making the chicken! Inspired by this recipe for Honey-Grilled Chicken Breasts, the huz marinated boneless skinless chicken breast halves in a homemade blend of citrus, ginger, honey, and soy sauce for the day, in the fridge.


When it was time for dinner, he slapped these babies on the barbie, basted the breasts with reserved marinade for a few minutes, and, voilà – a perfect summer dinner. The chicken was so tender, flavorful, and juicy; loved it. Next time I might add a light drizzle of honey just prior to serving.


Oh, and I almost forgot! Prior to prepping dinner, I made a loaf of banana bread. This was actually Chocolate Cherry Banana Bread, made with the last of my Hadley’s dried cherries, which I have been slowly savoring as a yogurt topping, salad enhancement, and baking element for the last few months.

PS- How much do you love this pretty red glass platter!? It was a Christmas gift from the huz’s grandparents two holidays ago.


Any other How I Met Your Mother fans out there? I’ll admit, I was a skeptic about this series before I began watching it, but I am so glad I gave it a chance. We just watched our 105th episode tonight, and oh my word, I think it was my favorite one so far. The one starring J.Lo, where Barney jumps in the Hudson River? Classic. I laughed sooooo hard that I fell off the couch laughing and crying hysterically. Anyone else? Anyone?

NoteCurrently listening to: X&Y – Coldplay.

7 thoughts on “Jumpin’ In The River

  1. I have always been a big fan. I think I have seen them all and that one was definitely one of my favorites. That bread looks delicious and the plate is pretty, too. MOM

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