Preparing For A Trip To Europe

Today I thought I would depart from the topic of food, and instead write about a topic that has been constantly on my brain lately: preparing for our trip to Europe this fall!

This month I have been going into serious preparation mode, which has included purchasing a few new items to bring with us on our trip, and I thought I would write about these today.

1. Money Belt – I purchased two Rick Steves Civita money belts for both Tom and I to wear while traveling, to avoid pickpockets. We will put cash, credit cards, our passports, and other important documents in here, where they will be securely strapped to our bodies and hidden beneath our clothes. Though I haven’t yet worn the belt, I am very happy with the quality, size, and soft fabric.


2. Adapter Plug. I also need to look into possibly purchasing a current adapter, if the electronics I plan to use (only my battery charger and hair straightener) are not compatible with European electrical current.


3. Metal Neck Strap for digital camera. I am not yet sure if I will use this or not, but it only cost $4 on Amazon. I don’t really know the best way to carry my digital camera with me when my travel.


4. Frommer’s Guides. These have been extremely helpful in planning our trip. I especially love the Day by Day guides, as they contain geographically-organized day itineraries, which we plan to follow. They are also pretty compact, and contain detailed street maps.


5. Walking shoes. I plan to pack lightly, and thus, need to limit the number of pairs of shoes that I bring on our trip (hopefully I will narrow it to one or two pairs!). After hours and hours of searching, I have decided on these Taos Speed Lacers. They are oooh-so comfortable but I will still wear them for a few days before the trip to break them in, and make sure they are in fact 100% comfy and non-blister-inducing. We will be walking almost every where during our trip, so comfortable, supportive shoes are of utmost importance!


6. Fall jacket. I wanted something light and versatile to bring on the trip. This peacoat, with a skirt-like lower-half, from Von Maur fits the bill! I’m not really sure what the weather will be like, but I will be prepared if it is cool.


7. Luggage Tags: Our old ones were getting a bit ratty and displayed all of our contact information. I found this new pair of luggage tags on Amazon, which display only our names, and conceal our address and phone numbers, for enhanced security. They are also much nicer looking than our old ones.


Those are the major items I have purchased so far. I would love any suggestions for special items that you might have!

After the trip (or before?), I will probably write another post detailing all the items that we packed for the trip.

I am a notorious over-packer, but I am going to challenge myself to bringing only one carry-on bag (and also the additional one “personal item”/purse that the airline allows passengers to bring onboard). No checked luggage! We are just going to be moving around too much during our two weeks in Europe for us to be bringing more than one bag each. It’s going to be extremely challenging, but I am determined to do this! Thus, I must be very mindful and picky about the items I bring.


6 thoughts on “Preparing For A Trip To Europe

  1. Great post! I’ve used the RS money belts before – I thought the idea was a little awkward at first, but it actually works out very well. Have fun in Europe!

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