Tower Inn Café

This Sunday, we had brunch at Tower Inn Café in Ypsi.


The original plan was to redeem a pair of brunch vouchers that I had purchased on Real Deal a while ago. However, Sunday morning before we left, I realized they were expired! Bummer. But, we were both craving brunch, so we decided to give it a go anyway, without the vouchers.

What the Tower Inn breakfast buffet lacked in variety, they made up for in fresh options. The highlights of the buffet were both made-to-order omelets and crêpes. On plate numero uno I had a freshly made omelet, with all the veggie fixin’s, sausage, and cheddar, as well as a scoop of the chicken and pasta sides.


Plate two was my sweet plate. Normally I prefer savory breakfast over sweet, but man oh man, this plate was gooood stuff. I had a tender, freshly-made crêpe, filled with cherries and what I presumed to be a marshmallow fluff sauce, drizzled with Nutella, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I also had a waffle quarter which was really good.P1080846

The cook who prepared our omelets and crepes was really nice and friendly, and did a great job preparing our dishes to order. I loved the hot, fresh, customizable options on the buffet but wouldn’t have minded more variety ….like say, a serving dish of bacon.


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3 thoughts on “Tower Inn Café

  1. Ken & I had brunch there a couple of weeks ago…the crepes were indeed delicious and a nice surprise. Brunch buffets tend to err on the side of omelettes and waffles, which is fine, but the crepes were yum.

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