All-American Chili

This picture pretty much sums up my Sunday afternoon. Squirrel in our backyard knows what’s up. Sittin’ and chillin’.


Many hours after brunch, when we finally began to work up an appetite again, I started working on dinner, which took about 2 hours: 30 minutes of prep, and 90 minutes of simmering.

All-American Chili

Recipe from Cooking Light


This recipe made a HUGE batch of chili!P1080854

Lots of seasonings. Oh, and EIGHT cloves of garlic. And, I will tell you: it worked.P1080852

The dish was simple enough to prepare. I did omit the red wine because I didn’t have any decent red wine in the house. The thought of putting Two Three Buck Chuck in this chili horrified me, to be perfectly honest. In place of red wine, I added diluted beef broth.P1080855

After 90 minutes of simmering (covered for 60 minutes, uncovered for last 30), All-American Chili is a go!



Sharp cheddar on top! I absolutely love sour cream as a chili topping, but unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand. However, after photographing, I remembered that I had Greek yogurt, and used a dollop of that on my chili. Yum! I also tried a few other toppings on the leftovers that worked well, like a dollop of queso, jalapeños, and crumbled blue tortilla chips.


This was definitely a really good chili recipe. Next time I would like way more heat! I did remove seeds from the jalapeño that I used in this recipe – next time I wouldn’t do that. The Hot Italian Turkey Sausage was also a nice addition to the recipe. The broth was a little thinner than I might have preferred, but all in all, the chili had a great flavor.

All-American Chili:

    • My rating: 7.6/10
    • Calories per serving: 375 (for 1/8th of the recipe)


We also consumed our daily greens in the form of a salad.


NoteCurrently listening to: Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead.

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