Food Monster

On Monday night, the huz and I had dinner at Sidetrack with two of our friends. These two:


Come on now, I must have a better picture of them somewhere.

Ah ha. Here we go. Four years ago. Our wedding. Tom’s good friend Andy, and my good friend, Five Cent Femme. First and only picture, ever, for which Five Cent Femme posed in a serious manner!? These two were both in our wedding party. (Our wedding is pretty much the only other time we’ve all hung out together, until Monday!).


I was craving Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Had been for days. Someone should have probably vetoed me and ordered Fried Pickles instead, because they are better.


Two minutes before happy hour ended, I managed to order my drink: Peach Tea Blond by Odd Side Ales. Y’all know I love my dark beers, but it was so nice and warm outside on the Sidetrack patio, that naturally a lighter beer sounded about right. Unfortunately this beer was not good. I perceived not even a hint of peach nor tea in it. Womp.

We all ordered the huz’s BBQ Slaw Burger. ‘Twas hella good this time, too. I housed it like a champ.


Iorio’s gelato was consumed by me at one point that evening. Espresso was my favorite flavor.


Tuesday called for more patio sitting! Me, Five Star SexiMexy, and two others headed to Dominick’s, where the sangria was flowing freely.


Despite my best efforts to avoid unhealthy eating, I couldn’t help but chow down a few nibbles of this hot pepperoni pie. Smelled beyond heavenly = irresistible.


However, the few nibbles of pizza I had didn’t really satisfy my hunger for dinner, so I later supplemented with Micky D’s. Noooo!!!! I cannot starting eating McDonald’s again! See, what happens? I eat it once and then I start craving it like crazy. It’s like a drug. Or, what I ‘guess’ a drug would be like, of course!


Back in high school, I used to work at McDonald’s and would eat there several times per week. (Surprisingly my weight was also at one of the lowest levels it’s been over the past ten years during that time as well – all that running around on my feet for 9 hours straight kept my fast food consumption in check!). After I quit working there, I seriously CRAVED McD’s Double Cheeseburgers like crazy for years. Like, all through college, they were my number one craving. Gross, right? Once I basically quit eating fast food two and a half years ago (once I began calorie counting), I pretty much felt like the cravings stopped.

Actually, there have been studies comparing fast food addiction to drug addition. Crazy, right?

This is why I can’t start eating it again! FOOD MONSTER!

NoteCurrently listening to: I Am A Wicked Child – Radiohead.

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