Summer Is Winding Down

A few things from the last week.

I am typing this post as I sip a nice, hot mug of strongly brewed coffee, delivered to me from my mother-in-law Deb, straight from Taiwan! Gooood stuff.


Have I ever mentioned my coffeemaker on here before? I know I’ve mentioned my Bodum French Press and Cuisinart coffee grinder before, but it is also worth mentioning how much I adore my much more frequently utilized drip coffeemaker – a Cuisinart Grind & Brew. This baby can automatically grind whole beans before brewing, and can also accommodate already-ground coffee. This was a bridal shower gift from my mom and is still in great shape four years later.


My mother-in-law Deb stayed with us for a night last weekend to visit, in between landing at the airport, and returning to her summer digs a couple hours north of here. Most of the year she lives and teaches in Taiwan, but visits each summer. We grabbed dinner at Red Robin… “Yum!!” (That’s their slogan, right?).


The next morning, the three of us grabbed breakfast at our favorite nearby breakfast spot: Nick’s! The huz and I split two dishes: a Farmer’s Omelet with American cheese…


..and an order of fluffy blueberry pancakes. Both were awesome, as the food always is.


Then it was back to to work for the week.

View from my desk on a lovely sunny day this week.


Mid-week lunch break at Carson’s. Grilled Whitefish with avocado mango salsa, seasonal veggies, and rice. This is quite the deal at ten bucks, and also comes with salad and bread.


An evening visitor to our deck, making himself comfortable. This is our neighbor’s cat, whom we’ve named Socks. We are so creative.


The hardest I’ve laughed this week was when I was watching an episode of Jersey Shore with Five Cent Femme, and Snooki and Deena thought they were being attacked by a shark. Have you seen this? It is priceless.


[ source ]

Thursday, for dinner, I made one of my favorites: Skillet Lasagna. This dish comes together so easily and tastes delicious. It’s also a great way to use up any extra zucchini you may have lying around.


The can find a link to the post with the recipe for ‘Skillet Lasagna’ on my newly-updated RECIPE PAGE. I spent hours adding links to all my blogged recipes. Soon, I hope to categorize them, since there are SO MANY! Let me know what you think! You can also reach my Recipe page by clicking the “Recipes + Top Posts” link below my page header.

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