Palio Del Sole + more

Greetings! A drink after work on Friday turned into a rather fun evening.

First, drinks on the rooftop at Palio Del Sole, overlooking Ann Arbor’s Main Street.


[ source ]

During Happy Hour, from 5-7pm, we enjoyed drink specials ($2 off wines by the glass and specialty drinks, half-off draft beer, and half-off appetizers).

A couple orders of Asiago al Forno were shared amongst our group of four. The baked Asiago cheese was served piping hot, and still bubbling from the oven. Amaaaazing!


I think I may have hogged the first order a little bit – I was completely famished. Bread and cheese are pretty filling though, so for my “dinner” I just ordered the Insalata Verde, with baby greens, gorgonzola, tomato, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and croutons. Sadly this salad just wasn’t very good. Something was ‘off’ about it and I only ate about half.


Once Happy Hour at Palio ended, Rush Hour began.


We practiced Five Cent Femme’s martini glass holding method – full fist around the stem, but point your pinky. Epitome of class.


After Rush Hour we hit up a new-to-me spot that I wouldn’t necessarily typically consider visiting at night, but it turns out they have a pretty lively, buzzing bar-type atmosphere at night, with loud (but not too loud) rap and Top 40 music playing. The place I am referring to is Tomukun Noodle Bar on Liberty Street.


Five Star SexiMexy selected a bottle of sake for our group of three ladies to share.


I had sake once, several years ago, but this was my first time having more than just a sip of it. Turns out, I like the stuff. The bottle we ordered was milky and sweet. Sake reminds me of runny rice pudding, which makes sense considering that it is made from fermented rice.

Five Star SexiMexy kept the bottle on ice.


I always tell Five Star that she has the daintiest hands (below) – don’t you think?


My hands look gnarly in comparison. Might as well call me Gnarles Nomly.


After Tomukun, our group of four had dwindled to two. Five Star & I hit up Main Street for some dancing, before calling it a night.


Good start to the three day weekend!

5 thoughts on “Palio Del Sole + more

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  2. Five Star SexiMexi has beautiful hands. She could model those hands – for money! Hmmm…future blog might include how y’all come up with those nicknames…unless, well…you shouldn’t.

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