Weber’s Brunch and Zingerman’s Coffee Brewing Methods Class

Oh Sundays. I used to love Friday and Saturdays (and still do!) because it meant I still had a big chunk of the weekend left, but I have to admit that I’ve begun to love my Sundays, as an adult. (I think as a 26-year old, I’m a real, full-fledged adult now, right? …Snap.) For me, and for many, Sundays are a day free of commitments. No work. No places to be. No real-life pants required (just PJ pants). Big, hot mugs of coffee. Fuzzy slippers. Lots of cooking. No eyeliner. Music playing on my iHome all day. Catching up on reading, blogging. Being domestic. Having the huz home all day with me. This is the life.

Laid back Sundays leave room for laid-back outings as well, like brunch! Brunch, is like, in my “Top 5 Favorite Things About Life.” Do you agree? This week, on a whim, we tried out the brunch buffet at Weber’s. The idea of eating at the Weber’s brunch buffet was first lodged into my brain a couple weeks ago. When exploring things to do around town over the weekend, I was reading about the Teddy Bears Gallery Show that was to be held at Weber’s (we have a thing for bears, but we didn’t even up going – sad, I know!) and then randomly came across a mention of the brunch buffet. Two weeks later, we went and got our brunch on.

photo (17)

There were some larger parties waiting to be seated, but we we seated at a table for two right away. Unfortunately our server then took a very long time to greet us and take our drink orders. The table beside us was seated several minutes after us and was waited on first, which was slightly annoying, but I got over it. I just wanted my coffee, you feel me?

Weber’s was very bright and cheery on Sunday morning. Lots of people were partaking in brunch, which meant lots of bodies at the buffet, but everything was relatively well-stocked, regardless. The food was also very good. Nothing mind-blowing here, but the standard brunch items, done well. Thick, soft biscuits with gravy, chicken, scrambled eggs and eggs benedict,, pasta, fruit, pastries, bread pudding, a ham carving station, and a waffle station. Sounds good, right!? The ham was my favorite! Followed closely by a house-baked chocolate chip scone dipped in my coffee. The only thing lacking in my opinion was bacon(!!), but the sausage patties were a suitable substitute.

The service was somewhat inattentive, but still our server was friendly and nice. With the buffet, little attention is required anyways, other than coffee refills and used-plate removals, anyways. The price was very reasonable as well, and so we would definitely return. I’d suggest reservations for brunch, which can be easily made online.

photo (18)

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Sunday afternoon we headed to the Zingerman’s Coffee Company, which is located in the same area as the Zingerman’s Bakehouse and Creamery, which also happens to be much more accessible than the Kerrytown location for me, as we live only a few minutes away!

You might remember reading about the Zingerman’s Creamery Tour in which we partook several months ago and enjoyed. A very affordable price, includes tons of samples, and introduces you to all the different types of products the Creamery produces and sells (like Pimiento Cheese and Gelato!) – plus, you get a coupon to use toward a purchase!

This weekend, we did another very affordably-priced Zingerman’s class at the Coffee Company.

photo (30)

The class was called Coffee Brewing Methods and provided a demo, discussion, and tasting of six different methods for brewing coffee, as outlined below:

  1. Fetco (similar to drip method employed by many at home with their Mr. Coffee!)
  2. Clever
  3. Aeropress
  4. Chemex
  5. Vac Pot
  6. Press Pot (also known as French Press)

photo (20)

There were about 8 or 9 participants in the class (only two ladies, including me!), which was a nice size. We were seated at a long high top table in a private room adjacent to the public space.

photo (21)

A giant flavor wheel diagram on the wall was both very interesting and helpful during our coffee tastings.

photo (22)

The course teacher – forgive me for letting the name slip my mind, but she did a most excellent job both demonstrating and sharing her in-depth knowledge of coffee and also engaging the participants – showed us how to brew coffee using each of six methods, and then we got to taste a sample of each brew.

photo (23)

Interestingly, the same coffee (Zingerman’s Ethiopian Sidamo) was used in every method, which really allowed us to taste and detect the subtle and not-so-subtle differences that exist in the final product when different methods are employed. Different methods produce quite different flavor profiles, changes in body and mouthfeel, altered bitterness, sweetness, and astringency, and more. It was quite striking!

photo (24)

The method that produced my favorite cup o’ joe was the Vacuum Pot – also the oldest AND most complicated method!photo (25)photo (26)photo (27)

After each tasting, we shared our notes, thoughts, and opinions on each brew. The class was very laid back and there are no right or wrong answers here!

photo (28)

All in all the class was a really fun and interesting way to shake up a Sunday afternoon. I would definitely recommend it to any coffee lover – from amateurs to self-declared professionals. The classes are typically held about once per month or so, and more information can be found Zingerman’s Coffee Company website. Or, just stop in and order a made-to-order individual coffee prepared using any method above.

photo (29)

3 thoughts on “Weber’s Brunch and Zingerman’s Coffee Brewing Methods Class

  1. Meg good review and sounds like service is still not that great there which is sad. I have not been there is over 5 years because of poor service on a couple of visits. Amazing that a dinner will treat you better.

    I enjoy using my aeropress at work since it is easy and yes a bit more bitter. A vacum pot is great but most people will not waste the time.

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