My First Stitch Fix Experience

It’s Black Friday!

Nothing excites me less.

I am so over the gimmicky sales. I spent Thanksgiving evening with my family, and Friday morning in my warm bed and nothing could have been better. I refuse to step foot in any retail establishment today!

However, I was still able to get in my shopping fix from HOME this Black Friday! No, not online, but in the form of my first Stitch Fix!

About a month ago, I requested an invitation to become a Stitch Fix member. Once I received the invitation, I completed an online profile about my size, style, and clothing preferences, and indicated when I wanted to receive my first Stitch Fix – it arrived today!


In the package came information about the program, prices of the items I’d purchased, and my free gift (cute little notepad). The way Stitch Fix works is that after becoming a member, completing an online profile, requesting a shipment, and paying a $20 styling fee, a package containing five items is sent to you. You can then try on all the items with accessories from your closet – your own shoes, jewelry, pants, skirts, etc. Pick which, any items, you want, and use your $20 credit toward them, and send back what you don’t want in the enclosed prepaid shipper. It’s in your best interest to keep one item because if you buy nothing from the box, you lose your $20 credit. There are no shipping fees either! If you buy all five items, you receive 25% off as well.


Typically each shipment includes one accessory, which, in my case was this Elise M. gold embellished clasp belt, which I instantly fell in love with. It’s so elegant and would coordinate with many things in my closet. However, it just seemed about 1” too tight when I sat down with it around my waist, and the price was just a bit too steep for me, especially considering that I have some other belts in my closet that will work with my clothes already. After much debate, I decided against this one.


The next item that caught my eye was this Everly 3/4 sleeve button-down blouse. The color is SO me and the fabric is beautiful. I tried this on first.


My favorite elements of this top are these beautiful gold embellished buttons.P1100284

I tried on the pink blouse and the belt with a pair of skinny jeans, animal print flats with gold detail, and added a gold and pearl necklace. The fit of the shirt is a bit baggier than I tend to prefer, as I usually like more fitted items. However, the sophisticated femininity and bold color fit me to a tee. I also wore the belt included in my Stitch Fix box.

Though I didn’t keep the belt, I have another skinny black belt in my closet that would work similarly with this top. I also tried this on with a black and white sweater vest and they went very well together, so I kept this lovely blouse.


The next item I tried on was this BB Dakota jersey tank with beaded trim.P1100285

I really wasn’t a fan of this shirt. It was way too big for me, the fabric seemed cheap and was see-through, and I didn’t know what to wear it with, since I can’t see myself wearing this alone because it shows too much skin. I did think the strappy back was really cute, but just not something I would wear, especially since it was too big and flowy on me. I added the belt to this top again, just to make it more fitted, and wore a black shawl with the same skinny jeans and shoes with this top. I didn’t keep this item.


My fourth item was this Mystree zip up jacket. I just loved the pleated detail in this jacket, as well as the soft suede material.


This is something I could possibly see myself wearing to work, but it was too short for me. I paired it with a black cami, pinstriped dress pants, black pumps, and silver pearl earrings.

I decided not to keep it, because if I were going to pay this much for an item, I’d have to love it and it would have to fit perfectly, and this just did not quite fit the bill.


When I first saw my final item, this Mystree racerback tank top, I knew it was exactly my style. A pretty, feminine print with a sophisticated style. I actually wish this had 3/4 length sleeves, but I found items in my closet to pair it with in order to cover my arms (and bra straps? – I should probably invest in racerback style) and be able to wear this to the office.


This silky top paired perfectly with the (too-tight) belt from my box! At first I thought the top was way too big – I seemed to be swimming in it – but once I added the belt I just loved the fit and flowiness. Since I’m not keeping the belt, I actually already own a wide maroon leather belt that will go with this top.

For the office I can see myself adding this black shrug (below) or maybe a black cardigan, and for going out at night, I would add a short black jean jacket that I own. I wore the top with black skinny jeans and my black leather boots – this outfit is so me! I could also see myself wearing this to some of the holiday gatherings I have coming up in the next few weeks, which was something I specially requested in the “comments” section of my profile. This one’s a keeper!


All in all, receiving my first Stitch Fix package was an absolute delight. It was so much fun to be able to try the items on at home, at my own pace, with existing items in my wardrobe. The fact that everything was selected especially for me based on my style preferences also makes the experience fun and special. All in all, I think my stylist did well picking items that matched my requests and preferences. In terms of size, several of the items were a tad too big, so I might have to tweak my preferences a bit. I also tend to prefer more fitted items over flowy, non-fitted items, but the pairing of the belt with my shipment remedied that situation since the addition of a belt to any of the tops instantly adds figure-flattering shape to the outfit.

My Keepers:


Would I do it again? Absolutely. However, I will probably have to limit myself to “fixes” every couple months or else I can see myself dropping a lot of dough quickly! And I love that you’re never locked it – you can make the shipments a monthly thing, or only schedule one to occur once in a while. As someone who work full-time, I felt that Stitch Fix really provided a personal-shopper type service to those who lead busy lifestyles and are limited in the amount of time they have to go digging through stores for the perfect item.

Another perk of the program is that for each person you refer, you receive a $25 credit to your account, so it would be fun to tell a friend about the program and try on your packages together! I’ve embedded my referral links in this post in case anyone is interested in checking out the program.

Note: I received no compensation or incentive for this review. I simply wanted to blog about my experience and share my thoughts on this new company!


12 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix Experience

  1. Megan-
    Check out this website:
    They sell bra converting clips! This way you can keep using the bras you already know that fit you and you don’t have to spend extra time/money bra shopping. Yuck! I think you get 3 or 4 and they come in colors like black, clear, and nude. I have used them before and they actually work really well! Plus they give you a little lift 😉

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