Blissfully Unaware at Culver’s


photo (49)

That is what I have to say about that.

THAT, up there, is a Culver’s Deluxe Butterburger.

In the mood for something low key before going to see Skyfall on Friday night (which was QUITE AWESOME, beeteedubs – we just bought all 22 James Bond movies on Blu-Ray, and have been moderately obsessed lately), the huz and I tried out Culver’s for the first time. The Culver’s Deluxe did not disappoint. In fact, it tasted pretty awesome.

I also tried some Cheese Curds. Please, I don’t even want to know how many calories were in these pieces of FRIED CHEESE, so just let me remain blissfully unaware.

Thank you.

photo (50-2)

If a restaurant has fried chicken on the menu, the huz WILL order it. All in all he said the fried chicken was quite good, but some pieces were on the dry side. He said it didn’t live up to his favorite, which is Popeye’s, but he is glad he tried it. He had mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and a roll on the side which were all decent. He said next time he’ll go with one of the killer Butterburgers!

photo (51)

The huz also ordered a “mini” Concrete Mixer (the name along will make me never order that because it makes me think that I am going to turn into an enormous cement truck) – Mint Oreo. I did admittedly enjoy a few bites and it was quite good. To me, custards and shakes like these are just not worth the massive amount of calories. I’d rather eat more cheese curds or fries, to be honest. Maybe I’m a party pooper. I also enjoyed a free sample of the custard flavor of the day, which was the classic, yet uninspired, Cookies ‘n’ Cream. It was good.

photo (53)

Culver’s was BUMPIN’ on a Friday night! Impressively the owner made her rounds through the dining area to see how the patrons were doing, which was a nice touch. The fountain soda station and dining area were both clean and stocked. Our food was delivered to us promptly. All in all we had a good experience at Culver’s and will definitely be going back for more BUTTERBURGERS.

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7 thoughts on “Blissfully Unaware at Culver’s

  1. All of that looks amazing! I only got to try Culver’s twice before I left Michigan but if you like peanut butter at all, try a peanut butter cup concrete mixer—amazing!!

  2. We went there a few Sundays ago and were very impressed. I just got the regular hamburger and fries, but they were excellent. We had a party a few weeks ago and friends brought a few different custards with them…I tried all three and they all tasted the same and they all kind of just tasted of “cold”. I’m with you…I’d rather “spend” copious amounts of calories on fried goodies!

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  4. I worked at a Culver’s in high school… I would never recommend the fried chicken, not because it’s BAD, just because there are so many better things on the menu! The problem with the custard flavors is that usually the uninspired ones (cookies n cream, butter pecan, etc.) sell the best. So the really intriguing flavors only pop up once in awhile on off nights like Tuesdays. The cheesecake flavors have little mini pieces of cheesecake flavors mixed in… we used to sneak tastes of them! I do like their chocolate malts and concretes, although they don’t have my favorite Take 5 bar as a mix-in anymore. Mostly, I stay away from them now because the fried goodness + creamy custard is waaay too much calories for me!

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