Second Annual Paesano’s Buffet Pilgrimage

Is it really only Tuesday?! Ugh!

After a long, stressful morning at work, two gals from the office and I took our second annual field trip (read about last year here) to Paesano’s for their Holiday Lunch Buffet! The place was packed and we actually had to wait a few minutes to be seated, but not too long.

Plate one – the lighter plate – consisted of a healthy pile of baby greens salad, as well as a small scoop of each of the other four salads – wheatberries (so good!), ham salad, orzo salad, and coleslaw – AND a small wedge of pizza.

photo (21)

For plate two, we really got down to business.


I wanted to try everything and almost managed to. Here I have a stuffed cabbage roll, wild rice, apple-glazed pork tenderloin, beef lasagna, and penne with Italian sausage and spinach. Five Star SexiMexy offered to split a cabbage roll with me, but, after making an alarmed face…


…I declined. Ummm I definitely want a whole one! I love me some cabbage rolls, honey. But kudos on helping me try to maintain my girlish figure.

photo (22)

Basically if you live in or near in Ann Arbor you must try to make it to Paesano’s Lunch Buffet at least once during the holiday season! Everything tasted fantastic. You do have a few days left this year, as the lunch buffet runs through Friday, December 21.

So. Much. Food. In. My. Stomach.

Paesano's on Urbanspoon

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