Potluck–Antipasto Skewers

This week, on Thursday, was our work lobby-wide potluck. We had quite the spread. Our director brought an entire smoked Cajun turkey (best thing at the potluck!) AND a ham!

photo (26)_520

I made Antipasto Skewers, inspired by a Pinterest find.


Some were impressed by my offering.P1100444

But honestly, I just put store-bought shit on a stick. I mean, let’s be honest here.P1100445

With that said, it was GOOD food on a stick. I think I made some pretty decent selections.

Green and kalamata olives, bocconcino (fresh baby mozzarella balls), grape tomatoes, pepperoni, salami, and cooked tortellini pasta. I prepared the skewers the evening before the potluck, and brushed everything with peppered olive oil to keep the ingredients moist. I think the skewers turned out rather tasty! These would be great at a cocktail party or a wine tasting event. These just might be my new signature potluck dish.


We never quite figured out who brought this little gem to the potluck:

photo (23)_520

Five Star SexiMexy and Crunchy-C were impressed by the fine silk linens laid out in preparation for our potluck. And by fine silk linens, I mean patient bed sheets. …Womp.

photo (25)_520

My potluck lunch plate:photo (27)_520

Dessert plate!photo (28)_520

Then, after work, Five Star SexiMexy and I went out for Happy Hour at Sava’s.photo (29)

For round one, we both had a Paris Is Burning cocktail (me drinking above), which was good, featuring:

“Juniper berries, Creme de violet, Egg White, lemon, lemoncello, Aperol, B&B, Serrano pepper.”

Round two featured, on the left below: “Buckey Done Gun: House-made horchata, Curry Brandy, Sea Salt, Orange Zest Ground Mango, Cilantro,” of which we were not fans, and my drink, on the right, the “Churango: Pisco, melon liqueur, mint, house-made sour, cucumber orange blossom water,” which I did like.

photo (24)_520

After our potluck feast, we thought dinner would be unnecessary, but eventually we became hungry and split a Bahn Mi at the bar, which was wonderful! I would definitely order one of these again.

photo (32)_520

Loved all the holiday decorations in Sava’s!photo (30)_520

Hooray for the end of work and the beginning of the holidays! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my final work day and work holiday party.

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