Holiday Favorites Survey

In snagged this fun little survey from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to ‘borrow’ and/or leave your favorites in the comments section.

Favorite Holiday Cookie

As a kid they had to have been holiday-shaped sugar cookies which were decorated over at my grandma’s house. Here I am proudly holding a platter of them. Yup, this is 1990.


My recent favorite holiday cookie would have to be the Spice Cookies that I made this year, using crystallized ginger. These are fantastic!


Favorite Holiday Songs

Favorite Holiday Song to Over-dramatically Belt Out While Doing Housework:

The Christmas Song (a.k.a., Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire…)chesfire

Favorite Holiday Song to Witness Being Performed:

Sleigh Ride! Love that horse whinny and the SLAP!


[ source ]

Favorite Holiday Song to Listen To:

Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells

Favorite Holiday Movie

The Grinch!

[ source ]


..and Home Alone.


Oh, and I really love A Chipmunk Christmas, too. The Golden Echo Harmonica!


[ source ]


Favorite Holiday Tradition

That excited Christmas Eve feeling. Nothing can beat that eager wide-eyed feeling of wonder everyone had as a kid – looking out the window trying to find Santa and Rudolph’s red nose in the distance.

Favorite Holiday Breakfast

Usually we have a big breakfast filled with everyone’s classic favorites at my parents’ house, after opening presents. I’m a big fan of pork breakfast sausage drizzled in maple syrup. Also a big steaming mug of coffee is a must!


Favorite Holiday Meal

My Aunt Barb always prepares and amazing spread of food on Christmas Eve! Last year’s plate featured beef tenderloin, asparagus, baby greens salad, Zingerman’s Bread, my Aunt Becky’s wild rice and sausage dish, and my mom’s cheesy potatoes.


Favorite Person To Shop For

I think I’ll have to go with this guy. I love picking out gifts for the huz and maybe went a little overboard this year!

image (20)-2

Favorite Way To Open Presents

On Christmas morning, wearing PJs and slippers, with coffee nearby.


Stockings first, of course, then the gift-wrapped presents!P1030214


Daisy is usually snuggled up nearby.


Favorite Tree Topper

The huz and I don’t have a Christmas tree! But when I think of tree toppers, I always think of the one I grew up with at my parents’ house, which would be this silver, blinking one with multicolored lights. Bling blang!


One thought on “Holiday Favorites Survey

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog so much…brought back a lot of good memories. When you guys get your first Christmas tree we will pass down the blinking star to you ! HA MOM

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