Christmas Break

Seven days in, I must say it has been a rather good holiday vacation thus far! Here’s what we’ve been up to (in addition to, obviously, celebrating Christmas, as covered in my previous post!)


We had another Groupon to use here, for lunch for two. Our second trip here was great – even better than our first trip! I half of an Italian Pesto Sandwich, a bowl of especially tasty Chicken Tortilla Soup, Peppermint Ice Cream, and Candy Cane Coffee. Yum!

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  • Using gift cards. In this case, we had one to use at the Ruby Tuesday in Saline. I enjoyed the garden bar (best part of the meal!) and a biscuit to start, and then the huz and I both ordered the same entrée, which was a trio featuring coconut shrimp, chicken with mango salsa, and a sirloin steak, with a side. I had the baked macaroni and cheese – super melty!

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  • Enjoying my Christmas gifts! My friends and family know me well and were very generous this year. I received Victoria’s secret perfume and lotions, Bath & Body Works products, movies, and books, among other things. My ‘big’ gift from the huz was a gorgeous Ralph Lauren necklace and earring set and my ‘surprise’ gift was my Wolverine pillow pet, pictured in my previous Christmas post!

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  • Rush Hour Relief.

On Thursday, Five Star SexiMexy and I hit up the “RUSH HOUR RELIEF: SPARKLING WINES, CHAMPAGNES, OYSTERS AND CHEESE TO RING IN 2013” event at Whole Foods. I must admit, Five Star has gotten me rather addicted to the Whole Foods’ bar.

Check out all of our sparkling wines!

image (11)

Our cheese pairing was this creamy brie. Brie usually isn’t my favorite cheese, but this was a tasty one that was even better with a dollop of fig preserves that the bartender kindly hooked us up with!

image (14)

..Aaand, our sparkling wines were also paired oysters! Two for each of us. Clearly we were living the good life! (And actually, after inquiring about some background information on these oysters, we also got hooked up with a third one to try, as well!) Yum!

image (15)image (13)

The light pink sparkling rosé was from a bottle that retailed for $49.99, so that was a treat to try! However, our favorite was actually the least expensive, a sparking wine from Suttons Bay, Michigan, the L. Mawby Cremant Classic.

image (16)

After our sparkling wines, brie, and oysters, we were still a bit hungry, so we purchased some sushi. I had the California Crab roll which was pretty good, but I highly prefer Whole Foods’ Spicy Shrimp roll.

image (17)

Later, the huz and I went downtown to Ravens Club for some live jazz and cocktails.


To drink, I ordered the New York Sour made with “Bourbon, Ruby Port, Fresh Lemon, Egg White.” It was good! Just not as good as the cocktail I had at The Bar at 327 Braun last week.


image (6)

  • BTB

Oh, and I guess a rather late night run to BTB happened over vacation as well. Throwwwwback! Recently Updated (5)

This was a somewhat random impulsive craving that the huz and I had to fulfull. We each got a quesadilla and I also ordered a veg burrito for lunch the next day. I forgot how AWESOME their cheese quesadillas are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How on earth do they sell these things for $2.25??? I couldn’t even buy enough cheese at the grocery store to make a quesadilla that big for that price. The.Best. I used to eat here so much as an undergrad, especially as a freshman living in South Quad. (For the record, the quesadillas used to be two bucks back in ‘my day.’) With all of the college students at home for the holidays, campus was somewhat deserted and it was fun to walk around and find easy parking.

BTB (Big Ten Burrito) on Urbanspoon

  • PF Chang’s

On Friday, we headed to the PF Chang’s in Northville to use a gift card as well. We had a FEAST!

Hot & Sour Soup, Pork Dumplings, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, Beef & Broccoli, and Kung Pao Shrimp. Oh, and a giant six-layer “Great Wall of Chocolate” cake dessert. Daaang. The Kung Pao Shrimp was a bit too salty for us (an almost impossible occurrence for me – I have a rather high affinity for salt [probably not a good thing]). Hot & Sour Soup is always my favorite part of any meal involving Chinese food. Beef & Broccoli was the second favorite. A tasty meal indeed!

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Time to start planning some light and healthy meals for next week!

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