New Year’s Eve 2012

It just wouldn’t be a new year without me blogging about our “Annual New Year’s Eve Feast.” I’m not positive how it happened, but somehow, every year that we have known each other, it has become tradition to make a gluttonous “feast” of our all guilty pleasure foods every New Year’s Eve.


The idea first began the first New Year’s Eve we spent together, which was 2005. We’d been dating for about six months. That night, the huz and I attended a party near his hometown of Reese, MI. He and his friend prepared a Velveeta cheese dip in a crock pot to bring to a party . Basically, the dip pretty much blew my mind, and I’ve insisted that we have it every year since! I call it “Orgasmic Cheese Dip” and it consists of simply 8 oz. cooked and drained ground beef, 1/2 jar chunky salsa, and 16 oz. Velveeta in a crock pot. Double the quantities to serve a party.

Sometimes “the feast” is prepared a day or two prior to New Year’s Eve, depending on our plans, and sometimes “the feast” is the main event. This particular year, it was prepared 12/30 and we had leftovers again on 12/31, before our night out.

image (1)

The 2012 “feast” was actually exactly the same as 2011’s:

In fact, our 2012 New Year’s Eve looks A LOT like 2011’s NYE night out! I’m not sure if that means we had an awesome NYE last year that just had to be repeated, or if we are old and unadventurous and need to try new things. Ha. Let’s go with the former.

Prior to our New Year’s Eve night out, with our feast we popped a bottle of bubbly Prosecco that I had been gifted for Christmas. We drank it in our wedding champagne glasses.


Then we watched some of the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Tribute to Dick Clark on TV. During the commercials, I got ready to go out. Looked something like this:


Once we were sexified, we snapped a few pics, as is tradition. There’s no one I’d rather spend New Year’s with than my man!

blog post (2)

Then we went to The Bang! Check out how well the huz’s tie glowed!

blog post

Naturally, a bottle of champagne was required!blog post (3)

This year’s theme was “Black Tie Blacklight.” My pink dress didn’t glow under the black lights as well as I had hoped!

The music was GREAT at this particular Bang! which got me up and dancing all night. More Human Than Human, Semi-Charmed Life, Pretty Young Thing, Lithium. 99 Problems. Wild Thing. Big Poppa. Rack City.

image (9)


image (10)

What I love most about being at The Bang! on New Year’s Eve is the dramatic countdown. Because WHAT is NYE without a dramatic countdown shouted at the top of your lungs!?

Also exciting at this year’s Bang! was that I was recognized and introduced to a sweet reader of the blog. Thanks for saying hello!!

And again, just like last year, we went to Eastern Flame after The Bang. And, I even ordered the same damn thing – a Paneer Tikka wrap. But OH MY WORD it was sooo much hotter than I remembered! The first bite I took brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t stop babbling about how hot it was. Then I embraced the heat and dug in. Seriously, mad respect for Eastern Flame giving me some hot food. Whenever I order food in this town, it seems like it’s never as hot as I want. Less respect for the super slow service. We also shared an order of fries which tasted amazingly at the time.

12312012_ new years eve

Happy 2013!

Previous Years:

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