Meal Planning for the Week of January 6-11

This past week hardly followed the plan I had laid out last week – but it all worked out!

Last Week:

Dinner Meal Plan for December 30-January 5:

image (1)

12312012_ new years eve

  • Tuesday: Chicken Sausage, Cheesy Shaved Brussels Sprouts & Leeks, Veggie Pizza


  • Wednesday: Chicken Tetrazzini (freezer meal) & Leftover Brussels Sprouts <- first day back to work

photo (1)


Michigan Harvest Salad with Black Bean Burger (also shared beer battered pickles!) from Sidetrack:


Tropical Smoothie dranks. Yum! I love that you can request any type of smoothie you’d like. I ordered the Beach Bum, which is typically strawberry, banana, and chocolate, but I substituted raspberries in for the strawberries. Tasty dessert! They are located down on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor. It’s also super cute inside. I love the wraps that I’ve had there in the past.


Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Urbanspoon

  • Saturday: Blackened Salmon & Wild Rice Pilaf with Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes


      Upcoming Week:

      Dinner Meal Plan for January 6-11:

      Grocery List:

          • Produce:
              • Bell Peppers (5!)
              • Kale
              • Brussels Sprouts
              • Banana (I bought 1 banana. Is that weird?)
              • Parsley
              • Dill
              • Garlic
              • Sweet Onions
              • Baby Greens
              • Green Cabbage
              • Sliced Button Mushrooms
              • Shiitake Mushrooms
              • Russet Potatoes
              • Oranges
              • Blueberries
              • Avocado
              • Scallions
              • Limes
          • Dairy/Eggs:
              • Greek Yogurt
              • Sour Cream
          • Meat:
              • Smoked Turkey Sausage
              • Salmon
              • Ground Sirloin
          • Pantry:
              • Israeli Couscous
              • Diced Tomatoes
              • Wild Rice
              • Canned Tuna
              • Tomato Paste
              • Lo Mein Noodles
              • Lo Carb Whole Grain Tortillas
          • Frozen:
              • Amy’s Bowl
              • Lean Cuisine
          • Desserts:
              • Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches
          • Beverages:
              • Diet Mountain Dew (for the huz)
          • Other:
              • Coffee Beans

      I bought massive amounts of produce this week and no junk food. I’m so good!

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